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You might find the same new car at a lot of different dealerships – but how do know what you should pay? For new car shoppers, the Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Range and Fair Purchase Price go beyond widely available new car prices like MSRP and dealer invoice to show you what you can expect to pay for a new car in your area this week. The Fair Market Range and Fair Purchase Price are based on massive amounts of data, including actual transactions – then adjusted for seasonal trends and local market conditions in over 100 geographical regions. In other words, you might expect to pay a little different price for the same car in Portland, Oregon vs Portland, Maine. It pays to have some solid facts in your pocket. Good thing has done the analysis for you.

Check Price Of Used Car

Orange Book Value suggests used car valuation through its basic and premium reports. While buying a used car, it is very important to understand fair market price at that point of time. Through OBV, you can check used car price of any car model produced by any manufacture like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Mahindra, Honda, Tata, etc.

Orange Book Value suggests used car valuation through its basic and premium reports. While buying a used car, it is very important to understand fair market price at that point of time. Through OBV, you can check used car price of any car model produced by any manufacture like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Mahindra, Honda, Tata, etc.

What Can Decrease Your Cars Value

  • Poor condition

    The older a car the more wear and tear you may find. Usually, small stains or scratches on the paint will leave you a few dollars lower than if your car was in excellent condition. However, anything more than common wear and tear and youll be looking at a lower price point.

  • Unknown service history

    The valuation given will assume that your car has been well taken care of. If you havent had your car serviced or cant prove you have done this then the value of your car could be lower then estimated.

  • Known issues or repairs required

    Cambelt needs replacing or a window wont roll down? Issues like these could bring down the value of your car. Always be upfront about problems like these when selling.

  • Many previous owners

    If your car has been through a lot of hands, this could impact the value of your car. Most buyers want to know about past owners and have a good understanding of how they treated the vehicle.

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Blue Book Car Value Calculator: Calculate Your Used Car Value

Did you know that the top-selling vehicles over the last few years have all been pickup trucks? The Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado, and Ram Pickup lines have all sold over 500,000 models every year in recent history.

Every time one of these vehicles is sold, a buyer has to decide how they want to begin their negotiation with the seller. The seller may be a private individual or a representative from a dealership.

In most cases, the negotiations begin by using an objective third-party standard for car value estimate. This is known as the Kelley Blue Book car value.

If you’re planning for the purchase of a new vehicle and want to know what is a fair price in terms of the blue book value of your car, look no further. In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about using a car value calculator and getting a sense of a fair price for you to pay.

What You Need In Order To Estimate Your Used Cars Value

Why Used Car Prices Is an Economic Indicator You Need to Watch

To save yourself time filling out all of the details of your vehicle, a few of the sites above allow you to enter your cars VIN or license plate number. If you prefer to do things the old fashioned way, make sure to have the following information handy before starting the appraisal process:

  • Make, model, and year

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Are Kelley Blue Book Values Accurate

The question Whats the Blue Book Value? has been part of buying and selling a car for over 90 years. And simply put, no one has more experience with vehicle values and pricing than Kelley Blue Book. Weve been the go-to source for both consumers and the automotive industry since 1926. We leverage massive amounts of data, including actual transactions – then adjust for local market conditions and seasonal trends. Our values reflect both wholesale and retail transactions to provide a 360 degree view of the market. We update our pricing at least weekly to reflect the market and give dealers and consumers the most up-to-date pricing.

How Do I Get A Good Deal On A Used Car

Rely on the Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Range for Used Cars. Our valuation experts have done all the calculations for you to show you what you can expect to pay. The Fair Market Range takes into account all the factors that can make used car pricing confusing: mileage, condition, options, plus hard-to-figure elements like seasonal trends and regional variations in over 100 geographical regions across the U.S.

But please take note: you have to make sure you’re using the right info when you look up a car. Most vehicles are available in a variety of styles . If you check a price for a base model but then actually shop for a well-equipped style, your expectations may be off. And if you’re looking at a specific vehicle from a private seller or on a dealer’s lot, you’ll need to configure the vehicle accurately – including options and mileage – in order to get the right price for that vehicle.

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Coming Clean On Condition Levels

The price and value of used cars on the rise with new car inventory down

Our tool will ask you to pick from five condition levels: outstanding, clean, average, rough and damaged. Most people will choose one of three: clean, average or rough.

You might be tempted to choose “outstanding” to get more money for your used auto. After all, you’ve pampered your car the entire time you’ve owned it, right? But the truth is that few cars qualify for this rating.

“Outstanding” is reserved for older, low-mileage vehicles in cases where well-preserved examples are hard to find, says Richard Arca, senior manager of pricing for Edmunds.

Edmunds True Market Value used car prices are all set at “clean” condition, Arca says. The price of a car in a less-than-clean state is adjusted downward from there, and it reflects what it would cost to bring the vehicle up to a clean state.

If your vehicle was in an accident, it could still be considered “clean” if it was repaired with factory parts and according to the manufacturer’s specifications, Arca says.

“In reality, cars that have been in accidents tend to lose market value, but there is really no way to gauge how much,” Arca says. He adds that some of the factors that affect the value are the severity of the damage, the quality of the repair, and the demand for that particular model.

Be honest and objective about the state of your used vehicle. Try to see things from a potential buyer’s perspective.

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Which Option Offers The Best Value

Now that you understand the variety of values given to your car, which ones should you actually pay attention to? The ones that should matter the most to you, the owner, are the:

  • Trade-in value
  • Private party value

These values show you how much you could get if you decide to sell your vehicle. Values like dealer retail value, MSRP, and certified pre-owned are going to matter more to dealerships than a private party seller, since thats what theyll get when they go to sell.

What Is The Most Accurate Used Car Value Calculator Or Guide

One of the problems that buyers face with blue book value for cars or blue book value for used cars is that there are variations between the pricing values provided by different sources for used car values. The Kelley Blue Book car values may say one thing while Edmunds, Black Book, or NADA car blue book values may say another. So how do you know which you should trust?

Overall, Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds car blue book values help to supply buyers with a good general ballpark reference as a calculator for old car value and blue book value for cars or blue book value for used cars. This helps to give buyers a sense of the range of expected values based on current market conditions using blue book car value. These are specific to the particular make and model that you select as well as the condition and features included.

The sources for this information are different, so depending on the vehicle, there can be almost no variation or a significant amount of variation between the two providers.

After using these two, we recommend including Black Book or NADA guide information for blue book value of car in an average for calculator old car value or along with blue book value of a car.

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More Tips To Consider

When to Price Your Car Higher

  • Warranty. Youll get more money for your vehicle if its under an extended warranty , provided the warranty is transferable.
  • Regular maintenance. If youve kept up with regular maintenance, including if you recently completed major scheduled maintenance, such as a 60,000-mile service, it adds to the bottom line of the sales price.
  • New tires or brakes. You can add to the sales price if youve purchased a new set of tires or installed new brakes.

When to Price Your Car Lower

  • Quick sale. If you want to sell your car quickly, lowering the price helps you get there faster.
  • Needs maintenance. If the vehicle needs a major scheduled service, new tires, or brakes, that will lower the price.
  • Accident. Whether a fender bender or a major accident, these mishaps will lower your sales price.

What Should I Pay For A Used Car

Used Car Prices Now and By the End of 2020

Maybe more than any other type of car value, used car prices can be confusing for a buyer. You have to think about the options, the condition, the mileage and where you can find that actual vehicle for sale. Then you usually have to negotiate the price. Not to worry. has the knowledge and expertise to give you the information to buy with confidence. As a reference, we provide a Typical Listing Price that’s based on the asking prices you might see at the dealership. Even more important are the Used Car Fair Market Range and Used Car Fair Purchase Price. Drawing from thousands of actual sales and powered by 90 years of industry know-how, the Kelley Blue Book® Used Car Fair Market Range and Fair Purchase Price will help you evaluate if you’re getting a good deal or not. Looking for CPO Pricing? has a Fair Purchase Price and Fair Market Range for Certified Pre-Owned vehicles too.

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If You’re Shopping For A Used Car At A Dealership

This option is for people who are buying a used car, not selling. In this case, go on Edmunds and enter the details of the vehicle as if it were your own. The dealer retail value will be the most pertinent to you. This is an estimate of what you’ll pay for that same car at a dealership.

The dealer retail value gives you a reference point. It shows whether or not the advertised price is a fair or great deal. If the dealership’s asking price is higher than what you see on Edmunds, you can reference it and ask the dealer to match or beat that price. This sort of “informed negotiation” typically goes over better with a salesperson since it shows that you’ve done your research.

Finding Out What Your Used Car Is Really Worth

If your car no longer suits your needs or youve simply had one too many trips to the repairman, you might be asking yourself: do I need a different car? This question might be easy to answer, but the hard part comes in deciding what to do with your old car. Dont worry we have a solution that can bridge the gap between your current car woes and your future car dreams.

With TrueCar, all you have to do is enter your license plate number and answer a few easy questions about your car. When youre done, you will receive a True Cash Offer in minutes. Yes, it really is that easy! The final step take your True Cash Offer to a TrueCar Certified Dealer with your True Cash Offer. You and the dealer will inspect your car side-by-side, and if everything checks out, you have a deal! On top of that, you can also ask questions at the dealership and get the answers you need no surprises or confusion when you see the final price. So whether you want to trade in your car or sell it on the spot, weve got you covered.

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What Car Insurance Company Will Give Me The Highest Payout

Every car insurance company and policy is different, but the primary indicator of how much you could receive in the event of a claim is your policys coverage limits. Your car insurance company will not pay more than the coverage limits you both agreed to, no matter how much you negotiate. Every car insurance company will use a claims adjuster to thoroughly inspect your vehicle to determine the payout if you file a claim, which will depend on several factors, including the type and age of your vehicle and how much damage was done to it.

Additional resources:

If You’re Trading In Your Vehicle

Top 5 Tricks To Increase Used Cars Value | Chemical Guys Car Care

When filling out an appraisal form, you’ll often be asked if you want an instant cash offer. The offer lets you sell your vehicle at participating dealerships. Alternatively, you can simply take your car to the dealership and ask the staff to appraise it. Regardless of the route, you’ll want to have a reference point to see if the dealership’s trade-in offer is in the ballpark. This is where the Edmunds trade-in value comes into play.

The process is simple. Just compare your trade-in offer with the Edmunds trade-in value. If the offer is more than that value, you’re in the best-case scenario and should take the offer. If the offer is less than the trade-in value, it could be due to a number of factors. Sometimes the dealership has too many vehicles like yours on the lot. Perhaps you made an error in selecting optional equipment, or you were too optimistic about your car’s condition. Or perhaps market conditions have shifted, as they did at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and online tools haven’t caught on to the trend.

Ultimately, keep in mind that the appraisal is an educated guess. The more real-world offers you get on your car, the better feel you’ll have for its real-world value.

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How Do I Know I’m Receiving A Fair Evaluation

One of the benefits of trading your vehicle into Gullo Mazda is our usage of a third-party vehicle evaluation tool. With Kelley Blue Book® tracking vehicle data from across the nation, you’ll receive a fair market estimate for what your vehicle is worth in the Houston area. We have no influence on the outcome of your estimation, and you won’t be obligated to sell your vehicle at any point during the evaluation process.

The Importance Of Style And Options

After you’ve entered the vehicle year and make, you’ll select the style, also called the trim level. The style can refer to the type of engine, standard features, or the number of doors it has. Here’s a refresher on trim levels.

Major features, such as the car’s transmission, engine type and all-wheel drive, can have a big impact on the value of the car. The same goes for options such as leather seats, navigation, a sunroof or automatic climate control. If you can remember your car’s options off the top of your head, great. If not, here are some suggestions on where to get the information you need.

The vehicle’s original window sticker is the best place to find the options. Unfortunately, few people actually hang on to the sticker. Without it, your best bet is to sit in your car and make a note of its options.

If you’re using a smartphone, tablet or laptop , you can complete the options check from the driver’s seat. It is crucial to get the style and options right. Without them, you may be under- or overvaluing your car.

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