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State Auto Insurance Phone Number for Claims

What is AutoXtended® offered by State Auto?

AutoXtended is a single bundle includes extra coverages and limits for your vehicle and items in the car, including your pet. It includes locksmith/key replacement, customizing equipment in your auto, rented vehicle coverage and more. No deductible applies to these coverages.

Is State Auto Safety 360® worth it?

State Auto Safety360 is great for drivers who want to save money by driving more safely. Consumers can save up to 50% if they abide by the rules of the road. However, if you do not like the idea of having a telematics device tracking your every move, you may want to think twice. The telematics device is free if you sign up for the Safety 360 program but it costs $50 if it is not returned upon request. If you decide to opt-out of the program you must return the device. Depending on state laws, your rate may be frozen at its current level or you may lose any discounts you had when enrolled.

How does State Auto Safety 360® work?

Safety 360 is usage-based insurance like Progressives Snapshot: its a small leave-in telematics device that tracks your driving behavior so you can improve your driving and earn discounts for being a safe driver. Youll be given an objective report of your driving data, such as time of day, number of miles driven, speed, acceleration, and braking. This same report will be used to customize your car insurance rate based on how safely you drive.

Is State Auto a good insurance company?

Key Contact Information Page

If you have a question related to your amount due, payment of your policy or account, or other billing questions, we have several methods for contacting us:


Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you via chat Monday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET, and Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET

Will My Premium Increase After A Car Insurance Claim

Your insurance premium may increase for a few reasons, including:

  • External factors, like government regulations or an overall rise in medical or repair costs for claims.
  • Your prior claims, the type of claims youve made and how long youve been with Allstate.
  • The coverages, limits and deductibles you choose when you purchase or renew a policy.

Allstate offers several ways to help manage your insurance costs, including features like auto accident forgiveness and multiple policy discounts.

Review your coverages regularly to make sure they meet your needs and get help from an Allstate representative if you have any questions.

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Savings For Our Customers

When you insure more than one car with State Farm, or choose State Farm for more than one of your insurance needs, our discounts can help lower your insurance premiums.

Multiple auto savings

If two or more vehicles in your household are insured by State Farm, you could save even more.

If two or more vehicles in your household are insured by State Farm, you could save even more.

Bundling savings2

Additional savings are available if you have other State Farm insurance products, such as homeowners, renters, condo or life insurance in addition to vehicle insurance. Learn more

Additional savings are available if you have other State Farm insurance products, such as homeowners, renters, condo or life insurance in addition to vehicle insurance. Learn more

Is Allstate Good At Paying Claims

State Farm Claims Number

AllState is one of the largest and most financially secure insurance agencies in the country. There is no question that AllState can pay out any of the claims filed by its insurance holders. However, whether they can pay out and whether they will are two different questions.

According to one of the most trusted gauges of car satisfaction J. D. Power and Associates, users ranked AllState as being slightly below average for a satisfactory claims experience in a survey conducted in 2021.

Overall, between its financial credibility and about average claims experience, AllState ranks middle of the road in terms of insurance companies that are good at paying claims.

You may have to be a bit more forceful when it comes to standing up for yourself with All State, but in the end, you should be able to get the settlement you are owed.

If after all of the investigations and negotiations by the claims adjuster you are still not happy with the settlement AllState pays you, then you can dispute the amount under All States Claim Satisfaction Guarantee.

AllState will put a credit towards your account to help make up for your unsatisfactory experience with their claims settlement. This way they can keep their customers happy and still keep their customers.

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How Long Does It Take Allstate To Pay A Settlement Claim

Compared to other car insurance companies, AllState settles claims fairly quickly and pays its customers settlements within a reasonable timeframe. Most of the time AllState car accident claims are filed, investigated, settled, and paid out within thirty to forty-five days.

Since AllState is a large company, they have a lot of employees to help move claims along quickly.

Unlike other companies that may delay cutting a check, AllState will send you a check in the mail as soon as the claim has been settled. However, this timeframe represents an average of how long it takes to receive a settlement check from All State.

On All States website, they claim that certain claims can be settled within a day or two so that you may receive a check within a week. These cases are typically for cut and dry claims with little to no investigation or reparations involved.

On the other hand, some customers report that AllState can take a few months or even years to settle especially if there is personal injury involved.

Bodily injury cases usually require extensive investigation and can sometimes be contested more heavily because the payouts tend to be higher due to expensive hospital bills.

What Is The Physical Address For Allstate Claims Department

If you are not tech savvy in the least and would rather send in your claims information by snail mail, AllState can accommodate your request.

They have a designated claims department address to which all insurance claims related documents can be sent. Here is the postal address:

AllState Insurance Claims Department

P.O. Box 660636

Dallas, Texas 75266

AllState understands that there are certain circumstances that warrant sending physical copies of evidence through the mail rather than digitally which is why the physical mailing address is available as a method of contact when filing a claim.

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How Do I Report A Claim To All State

Since AllState is such a large insurance company, they have a variety of ways that you can file a claim with them in order to ensure the easiest possible method for you the customer.

As soon as there is a claim to be reported from an incident or car accident, you need to file the claim right away so that they can get started on the investigation.

AllState needs to know three basic pieces of information in order to start a claim in your account. First, they need to know that an accident has happened. AllState cannot move forward with a claim if they dont know there is one to be made.

Secondly, they will need the name or names of the person or persons involved in the accident as well as the other parties insurance information.

Once you have gathered all of that information, you can contact AllState one of three different ways to get your claim started.

You can call their claims reporting hotline any time of day or night to speak with a representative immediately. You can also pull up a claims form straight from their website once you log in to your account.

Alternatively, you can start filing your claim right at the scene of the accident as long as you have a working phone.

AllState has a mobile app with the ability to file claims as soon as they happen so that you dont lose a moment of time when it comes to rectifying the situation.

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Is There An Email Address To Send Claims Information To All State

Allstate Claims Phone Number

If you would rather email an AllState agent about your claim in order to establish a digital paper trail of your claims communication, you can visit the contact page for All State.

You will need to fill out a secure form with information including your name, email address, physical address, customer status, nature of your request, and a brief message.

An AllState representative will reply to your inquiry at the earliest possible opportunity. If you need to send documents over to support your claim or AllState needs to send you sensitive information, AllState will provide a secure link or email address so that your information is not exposed to the internet.

Establishing a chain of emails with AllState to track your claim is a good way to keep records of your claim should the need arise in the future to look back on the steps taken during the claims process.

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How To Cancel State Auto Insurance By Phone

  • Tip: Have your account or policy number handy when you call to cancel State Auto insurance. Account numbers are either 10 numbers or nine numbers plus a letter. Policy numbers are also 10 digits but are prefaced by one to two letters. While either your account or policy number is sufficient to locate your information in the State Auto system, you will be able to provide the desired number more quickly when you know what it looks like and have the information in front of you.

How Do I File A Car Insurance Claim

Heres what you need to know about the car insurance claim process.

You’ve just been in a car accident. On top of making sure everyone’s okay , it can be overwhelming to remember what to do next. So, where do you start? Below are some basic things to do first. We’ve also shared some questions to consider asking your insurance agent or claim representative. When do I need file a car insurance claim?Call your independent agent as soon as possible. This should be your next step after calling for emergency help , regardless of who is at fault if you’re in a collision. If your vehicle is stolen or vandalized you should contact the police. Call your insurance agent or company even if damage appears to be minor, to find out if you are covered for this loss.What do I need to file a car insurance claim?You will need the following items:

  • Start and end date of the policy
  • Date and time of the incident
  • Name, addresses, and phone numbers of all drivers, passengers, and witnesses
  • Driver’s license and license plate numbers for all drivers

Also, take note of any personal harm and take photos of the damage. You may need a sworn statement of the details of the accident and a proof of claim form. You will need a copy of the police report if there is one.What are the steps to a car insurance claim?Once you contact your insurance company, your case will go through the following steps.

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State Auto Insurance Provider About State Auto Insurance

In 1921, Robert Pein founded State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company in Columbus, Ohio. State Auto is sold through independent agencies providing personal, efficient, and professional service to policyholders.

State Auto is committed to its over 3,400 agency partners, 2,200+ employees, and to its customers. Maintaining and growing relationships has helped State Auto build a solid reputation.

State Auto has assets over $3.8 billion. Regional corporate offices are located in Indianapolis, Indiana Nashville, Tennessee Austin, Texas Columbus, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland. Other companies owned are State Auto Ohio, State Auto WI, and Milbank.

How Do I Work With An Allstate Claims Adjuster

State Farm Insurance Claim Phone Number

Once you have filed an auto insurance claims whether by phone or digitally, you will be contacted by your local claims adjuster.

The claims adjuster will do an investigation into the accident and contact you about the accident to hear all of the details from your perspective even after youve submitted it in writing to the insurance company.

While claims adjusters are typically very friendly, they are also trained to negotiate and work for the best interest of all parties involved including the insurance company.

Make sure you understand the details of the accident and any resulting injuries so that you can relay them confidently and firmly to the claims adjuster.

This way there is little room for negotiation on the settlement that you may be entitled to. Most people struggle when talking to claims adjusters and end up hiring lawyers to help settle an auto insurance claim fairly.

As long as you stick to your guns and dont back down, All States claims adjuster should work with you to help you get the settlement you deserve.

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My Car Was Hit By Another Car In An Accident Whose Policy Should I File A Claim On

You can file on your own policy or go through the other drivers. No matter whos at fault, youll want to get the other drivers insurance information, and then contact us about the accident. Allstate can try to recover costs from the other drivers insurance company if our investigation finds them to be at fault.

How Do I Start An Insurance Claim Online With All State

The first step to filing a claim with AllState online is to set up your online account. You just need your email address, AllState insurance account information, and a created password to get started.

Once your account is established, log in and click on the section for filing a claim.

You will be asked to enter information such as the name of the other person or persons involved in the accident as well as their car insurance information. There will be a section to fill in any details about the accident. Here you should write all of the relevant details that AllState needs to know about the claim you are filing.

From there, you hit submit claim and AllState will get to work investigating your claim so that you can begin figuring out your next steps.

All States QuickFoto Claim feature can help speed up the process by allowing you to submit pictures of youre the damage to your car straight through the app or your online account.

AllState will also help guide you toward the best options for repairs and get quotes from different places to help choose the best option for you.

Through the online account, you can track and review your claim once it has been completed and AllState will notify you when you can expect payment on your settlement.

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Anonymous Complaint: Complaint Type: Problems With Product/service



Business Response


Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the concerns outlined by ****** ****. Customer service is very important to State Auto and we are sorry to hear they are less than satisfied with their experience. We hope to address any additional questions with our response.I was able to speak with Ms. **** and confirmed that the vehicle in question was removed back to the inception of her policy. Additionally, the cancellation date of her policy was amended to6/22/2022 to align with the new coverage she obtained. The billing team will process the refund generated by these changes in the next few days.Thank you again for the opportunity to respond.Sincerely,

If I Need To Fax Information For A Claim To All State Where Do I Send It

Filing Your Auto Claim Online | State Farm®

Since AllState insurance claims are usually handled through local claims adjuster offices, you will have to contact your nearest AllState agent to see what their office fax number is.

Faxing documents is still a valid and efficient way to send information to your insurance company. It is faster than snail mail, but potentially more secure than email.

Most AllState offices are still equipped with fax machines however, it is a good idea to call the office ahead of time to ask if they have a fax machine, what their working number is, and alert them that you will be sending a fax over shortly.

Always remember to include a cover page with any fax so that the AllState office is aware of the nature of the information you are sending and how many pages to expect.

Another way to get the fax number for your local AllState agent is to check their website. They may list the number there in order to make it easier to find for their customers.

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State Auto: Auto Accident Claims And Settlements

The article gives both attorneys and victims information on State Auto Mutual Group to help maximize the value of motor vehicle crash injury cases.

Overview of This Insurer

State Auto Financial Corporation is the umbrella that owns State Auto Mutual. Founded in 1921, this Columbus, an Ohio-based company is a large publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

State Auto has a truckload of related businesses in addition to the auto division we primarily deal with in Maryland: State Auto Ohio, State Auto Wisconsin, State Auto Property & Casualty, Milbank, Meridian Security, Patrons Mutual, Litchfield Mutual Fire, Meridian Citizens Mutual, Rockhill Insurance, Plaza Insurance, Bloomington Compensation, and American Compensation.

In Maryland, State Auto ranks 15th in market share which accounts for less than 1% of the market in our state. Still, State Auto funds an in-house office in Maryland to defend cases where they don’t expect there is a grave risk that the judgment will exceed the policy limits.

Settlement with State Auto in Motor Tort Cases

State Auto does not make good settlement offers before trial. Their adjusters are tough, and they often push you to file suit. But State Auto does not seem eager to go to trial and will pay fair value for cases before letting a case go to the jury. What does this mean? It means you often have to sue a State Auto insured if you want to maximize the value of your injury case.

Who Defends Lawsuits Against State Auto?

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