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Bob, my salesman couldnt have been more straightforward and honest. CarMax tried to sell me the same car with 102000 on it for $11,000 Reliable sold me the same car for $9800 with 52,000 miles on it. I have a little credit problems, so I knew Id have some problems but CarMax offered me a loan for $749 down with a payment of over $375 a month for 66 months!!!! Reliable got me a loan for $1000 down, $350 a month and only for 53 months! Cut almost two years off the loan and dropped my payment by $25! Not to mention CarMax produced a total of 19 inquiries on my credit report, dropping my score 18 points in less than 72 hours. STAY AWAY FROM ANYWHERE ELSE. Come see Bob at reliable auto sales, he WILL get you in a vehicle! Did I mention I was in and out in 43 minutes from start to finish! Dont miss out!

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My youngest is turning 16 soon. It is great to watch your kids grow more independent and mature. Also great that he can drive himself to school. He needs a car though. Well, happily I ended up buying one for myself instead. Its been 15 years with my current car. My son went in a baby seat in the back. I deserve it. Happy days. Lucky me. Lucky also to find my sweet car waiting for me at Reliable. Found the car online . Emailed and received a reply from Bert shortly after. I had previously made attempts on 2 other cars. 3rd time was the charm. Their salesman Bert is a pleasure. He is an old school good guy who treated me well. I pre applied for credit which saved time and when I was approved Bert held the car for me since I still had to fly in from Sacramento! I read Reliables online reviews and was relieved and surprised by all the good things people wrote. It made my flight into Vegas that much nicer. I can say that I had a great experience there and Im especially thankful for the good fortune to have Bert walk me through it.

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Smart Choice For Smart Cars

With us, you can book your deal at a competitive price. We welcome automobile of all kinds ranging from SUVs, cars to vans, and jeeps. Sell your used cars to us near you and well provide you the best price in cash. Thereby providing you with a wide choice for the right car decision.

With us get loans for new and used vehicles, get a loan for up to 100% of the vehicle value, enjoy a long loan tenure, leasing option with flexible payment, quicker disbursements make funding simple, enjoy attractive interest rates, doorstep service, and a simple, fast and transparent process.

Want to experience excellent auto-servicing facilities at attractive discounts and avail special offers for we provide a wide variety of services from minor scratch, punctured tire to fixing dent, suspension adjustment, cash wash, full car polishing, etc.

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I Went Here To Buy A Vehicle Because I Have Credit Issues

I went here to buy a vehicle because I have credit issues following Cancer but for a $7,000 vehicle, I was putting $3,200 down but first I needed to sell my truck and pay it off which shows that I paid a loan and good, right? Then I needed to work and go to Los Angeles to be filmed on Judge Judy and exactly a week after first going in when I text Burt to tell him Im on my way, I get a reply that says, His Boss no longer wants to do business with me, sorry.Huh?? What did I do to be told they dont want to deal with me.Unreal, HIGHLY RECOMMEND to steer clear! I cant even get a reply or anyone to give me anything about what exactly transpired.

Does notDid notDealer Responses

we believe customer did this intentionally , we recommend she dispute charge with her bank, she canceled car as soon as she did the transaction, and no one puts a transaction of money when put in application only

Two Car Day/ Awesome Mr Reggie Rouse

Reliable Auto Sales

Great place, great salesman. We needed a car after the one we had was totaled. The process was effortless. And we werent at the dealership all day. Great variety, if your looking for a certain car or suv… call Reggie. Tell em PerryG sent ya.

This is a response to the dealers response to my last review. You are making a false review response as fur 1, I am not a lady, for 2 I have only had the cadillac for 8 months so when you refer to some lady who out 40k miles on a car, I think you are either making a false statement or have me confused with some other customer you obviously fooled too. Either way, its not a professional way of doing business. Very disappointed in the lack of responsibility on your end.

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Reliable Auto Sales And Service

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About Reliable Auto Sales and Service

We have over 30 service bays, and a full service shop, we work on any and all types of cars, for questions or any information call us at 702-737-6688 or visit our website at

What Are People Saying About Reliable Auto Sales

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“Hands down one of the best dealerships around! Everyone there was very friendly and professional from beginning to end. My deal couldnt have been done any faster or smoother thanks to them, no sitting in the dealership for hours they have you in and out. Would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thanks again!”

“Mary B in the office was super helpful! You can tell a lot about a dealership by how the people that are not trying to sell you something treat you.”

“Mary is a lifesaver, I cannot stand a pushy car salesman, but Mary is what a true sales person who should train others. She understood my needs and we drove away with a beautiful Platinum, low mileage and the payments we wanted. She was honest about everything, and it all worked out. If you get a bad car that’s your choice not the salesperson. There were many Platinums to choose from and I always get compliments on my luxurious car. Thank you Mary!”

“This was my first time buying a car and both Harry and Mary and everyone who helped made it SO easy. I had gone to a dealership prior to this one and of course they were trying to make me spend way more money over my price and so we came here. Let me tell you it was the best decision Ive ever made. I got a newer car and for a way better price. Both Harry and Mary were very nice people and I was in and out in less than two hours. So big shout out to them! Thank you Reliable Auto Sales!”

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About Reliable Auto Sales

Reliable Auto Sales – NV offers a variety of new, used, and pre-owned auto vehicles at the cheapest price. We have trained service staff for regular maintenance or serious body part replacement. We will help you get your vehicle finance at the lowest interest. We give you an option for customizing lease where you can decide miles and time period. Our pre-owned vehicle comes with an extended warranty of some parts. Visit us at 2575 E SAHARA AVE Las Vegas, NV 89104.

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