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Melling Acquires Sigma Engineering

Erica Enders and Richard Freeman visit with Mark Melling at Melling Performance in Jackson, Michigan

Melling Engine Parts is proud to announce the acquisition of Sigma Engineering, a developer and manufacturer of rocker arms and shafts. Located in Pontiac Michigan the company is Mellings second addition of basic manufacturing located domestically in the past month. We are focused on controlling our supply and quality and this acquisition checks both those boxes, commented Melling CEO Mark Melling. Sigma has been supplying its products to key automotive aftermarket customers on a private label basis for 26 years. Arshard Suri the owner of Sigma will continue with Melling, designing and developing new valve train products.

Special Offers Limited Lifetime Guarantee On Labor

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Melling Engine Parts Expands In Acquisition Of Casalandra Metal Stamping

Melling Engine Parts is excited to announce it has acquired Casalandra Metal Stamping, a manufacturer of expansion plugs based in New Castle, PA. Casalandra has been a key vendor to Melling for years and we were excited when the opportunity presented itself, commented CEO Mark Melling. We are committed to becoming basic in more product lines and of course love the fact the parts are MADE IN USA!.

Merit Wish Phillips of Casalandra also released the following statement:

Casalandra Metal Stamping is pleased to have found a new home as part of the Melling family of manufacturing. We have been grateful to have served our customers for 70+ years and have the utmost trust in Melling to continue this service. While passing on our family business was not an easy decision, it is one made with confidence in Mellings ability to continue business on a personal level. Our excitement is to see Casalandra, through Melling, grow and enhance this industry.

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Melling Announces The Acquisition Of Performance Springs Uk Ltd

Melling Engine Parts is proud to announce the acquisition of Performance Springs UK Ltd. based in Blackpool England. Renamed Melling Performance Springs Ltd, this state-of-theart supplier is a premier designer and manufacturer of high quality, precision spring products and is a leading innovator in the field of high performance spring technology.

Tasks To Completely Maintain Your Brake System

  • BRAKE BASICS: COMPONENTS OF BRAKING SYSTEMBrake pads, rotors, shoes, calipers and hardware. Understand your braking system basics.
  • HOW TO REPLACE YOUR BRAKE PADSKnowing how to change brake pads can improve safety and prevent costly damage.
  • How do brakes work?Expand FAQ itemBrakes work by using friction to turn kinetic energy into heat. There are two designs: drum brakes , and disc brakes . Both use hydraulic pressure to move a piston outward. In disc brakes, the piston is located inside a caliper that houses brake pads and fits over the rotor. The friction lining on the pads makes contact with the rotor to slow the vehicle. In drum brakes, the piston moves two curved shoes lined with friction material against the inside of the brake drum.
  • Should I replace brake pads and rotors at the same time?Expand FAQ itemReplacing brake pads and rotors at the same time is recommended. If your rotors are not smooth, then putting new brake pads on the existing rotors will prematurely wear the new brake pads. You’ll get the best performance by replacing pads and rotors at the same time.
  • What is the average lifetime of brake rotors?Expand FAQ itemThe average lifetime of brake rotors can vary. In normal driving conditions, pads and rotors can last 50-60,000 miles. In extreme usage, such as towing, hauling heavy loads or driving in mountains, the service interval might drop to 30-40,000 miles.

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Great A/c Service & Quality Guarantees In Jackson Mi

Get that cold blast back! Stop by for an air conditioner service or A/C recharge in Jackson and a qualified technician will start by examining your car’s A/C system. We’ll diagnose what should be fixed and talk to you before we begin the repairs. All our A/C services are covered for a minimum of twelve months or 12,000-miles, whichever comes first, plus the Firestone Triple Promise. It’s a guarantee that your car’s air conditioning will be Fixed Right, Priced Right and Done Right on Time. Book an appointment at your closest Firestone Complete Auto Care for the right car A/C repair in Jackson and stay cool with an air conditioning system that works!

  • * You will receive recurring text messages from Bridgestone. Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to cancel, text HELP for help. By texting BRIDGESTONE, you agree to receive text messages from Bridgestone at your mobile number, which may be sent through an automatic telephone dialing system. Consent not required to be considered for employment. View our privacy policy here and our Terms and Conditions here.

We’ll Fix A/c Problems Asap In Jackson Mi

Not a fan of your car air conditioning? Common car A/C problems include warm air blowing from the vents, a lack of airflow, unusual air conditioner smells, and failure to blow air at all. Bring your car to Firestone Complete Auto Care in Jackson before your temperature starts rising. These signs may point towards a refrigerant leak, an issue that can damage the environment and other parts of your car or truck. A quick A/C performance check and auto A/C repair can help make sure you stay cool and the damage doesn’t spread.

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Universal Air Filters For Every Driving Condition

No matter where you drive or how you drive, K& N’s Universal air filters can perform without a glitch, while delivering improved performance throughout regardless of the angle or offset diameter of the air intake.

These filters are constructed with ultra-strong molded pliable rubber flanges to absorb vibration and fit securely while allowing it to be stretched to fit in-between sizes.

You’ll find everything you need to upgrade your truck right here at ATA Car & Truck Accessories. Fill out ouronline formto request a call back.

Performance Automotive Sold To Another Michigan

Fist Fighting in the Street Stock at Hattiesburg Speedway

Performance Automotive, now owned by Auto-Wares Group of Companies in Grand Rapids, is expecting a significant investment to its warehouse at 546 N. Mechanic St.

JACKSON, MI A Jackson auto parts retailer has been bought by another Michigan-based company but is keeping all its employees and expects a significant investment to its warehouse facility.

Performance Automotive, which has been locally owned since 1971, is now part of the Auto-Wares Group of Companies in Grand Rapids.

Tim Stone, who will continue to run six locations in Jackson, Albion, Adrian and Tecumseh with his brother Robert, said the merger was a good move for Performance Automotive and will help the company compete with the Wall Street big-box stores.

Auto-Wares has been interested in us for a long time, Stone said. It really was a great merger.

He said Auto-Wares is made up of entrepreneurial-based companies, such as Performance Automotive. All 56 employees at the Performance Automotive locations are still on staff, Stone said.

Stone said Auto-Wares plans to make a significant investment into Performance Automotives warehouse, making it a support for Auto Wares warehouses in Farmington Hills and Coldwater. Details are still being worked out, he said.

In addition to the warehouse at 546 N. Mechanic St., Performance Automotive has retail locations at 317 W. Prospect St. and 3300 E. Michigan Ave. in Jackson, and stores in Albion, Adrian and Tecumseh.

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Jacksons Leaders In Auto Repair

At Automotive Perfection in Jackson, MI we specialize in German & Import vehicles offering complete services and maintenance for the most popular makes and models of cars, light trucks and SUV’s.

Our state of the art shop features all the latest diagnostic equipment and dealer level software to keep your car running in tip-top condition. All of our technicians are ASE Master Certified and have years of experience working with the latest diesel engines and hybrid vehicles. Our entire staff is constantly training and learning in order to stay informed on the latest automotive technology and to continually provide the highest quality services possible for your vehicle.

Keep Your A/c Cool In Jackson Mi

When your car or truck air conditioning has problems, driving really isn’t all that fun. Stop by your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care for a performance check and A/C repair in Jackson as soon as you notice a problem. Whether your car A/C is blowing hot air or there’s a strange scent coming from the vents, you can rely on our knowledgeable technicians to get your A/C to perform the way it should. Our stores service over 500,000 car air conditioners each year!

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