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Honda Ignition Lock Repair

Steering wheel & ignition key won’t turn? EASILY solved in seconds!

If you take your faulty Honda to a dealership, theyll most likely suggest that you have your entire ignition switch replaced. They might even throw in replacing all the locks on your Honda. As a result, youll wind up paying SO MUCH MORE MONEY for a Honda ignition problem that couldve been easily fixed for much less money. Its faster for the dealerships to replace the entire ignition switch rather than to take the time to pull it out and fix it. You could wind up paying over a thousand dollars for something that could have been taken care of faster and for a much lower price.

A cheaper alternative to getting wiped out by the dealership is a call to your local automotive locksmith. A local locksmith will happily conduct an on-site repair wherever you may be stranded. Whats even better, theyll solve the issue in much less time and for nearly half as much money as the dealership would charge. If youre looking for Honda ignition repair, your local car locksmith will be right there! A professional car locksmith will replace the worn-out wafers in your ignition switch with new ones. A good locksmith will even clean and lubricate your ignition switch, as well as install new springs. All for half the cost at the dealership!

What To Do When Your Key Is Stuck In The Ignition

You might not mind bootlegging your cars ignition with a flat head screwdriver, but its not a long-term solution

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Many new vehicles have evolved past the need for a physical key. Proximity-based entry systems have made the act of turning the key a thing of the past, but some of us are still clinging to a classic or base model vehicle that still needs a key to crank.

In those vehicles, the remote car starter system can start to malfunction when the ignition switch or key wears down. You could give up completely and just use an old flat head screwdriver to start your car, but that is frowned upon for a variety of reasons. You may even find that the key has become hopelessly lodged in the switch when things go really wrong.


When this starts to happen, its time to repair your ignition switch. This can involve having the key removed, changing the ignition switch itself, and having the key itself repaired or replaced. No matter what the problem is, fixing an ignition switch is a straightforward process, as long as youre prepared. Let The Drive help you stay on track and youll be back on the road in no time.

Lets get started!

Is The Key Worn Out

If you have an older car, it is possible that your key is worn out. Its the most common reason why car keys do not turn in the ignition. The pins inside the cylinder will not drop correctly, stopping you from starting the car successfully. If you have a spare key available, use it first. If its not around, you can get your cars Vehicle Identification Number , which you can find on the side windshield. If it is not there, chances are its inside the door jamb. Write it down and contact your dealership so you can get a new key. For newer cars, you may have to get the attached code to your key, which you should give to your dealership instead of the VIN.

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Call A Specialist Auto Locksmith In Tampa

When you start by saying, My car key wont start, you can end by saying, I need a locksmith near Tampa, FL. A locksmith can help you with any issue where your car key wont turn in the ignition. If you are worried about how much it costs to call a locksmith for your car, you have to know that the price will be much more reasonable than other professional options. There are three main reasons why the key wont turn in the ignition.

Lets see how a locksmith can help:

Key Wont Turn In Ignition

Key Will Not Turn in Lock: Trunk Had Minor Accident Backed Into ...

With the WD-40 spray:

  • Put the car in neutral or in park if its an automatic. Pull the hand brake just in case. This is a precaution since youre working around the ignition key. Wouldnt want to start the car accidentally.
  • 2. Take the WD-40 spray with the straw on and insert the straw inside the lock cylinder. Dont go to far inside, 1 centimeter max.

    3. Spray up to three times and with short bursts. Dont overdo it as you wouldnt want to flood the cylinder. The point is to get just enough to make the lock cylinder work again.

    4. Spray some WD-40 on the car key also. This is another way of getting spray inside the lock simultaneously lubricating the key a bit.

    5. Start working the steering wheel around as much as it goes. At the same time, insert and remove the key. Also, move it as if you wanted to start the ignition.

    6.Buy this point, if everything is OK, the key will start to turn in the ignition. If so, work it around some more until it unblocks completely.

    7.If the repair is successful, it will work as good as new.

    With the oil can:

    This is essentially the same procedure, only using engine oil as the lubricant. My recommendation, dont go with the oil directly inside the lock cylinder. Rather use the key as sort of spoon for getting the oil inside.

  • Put the car in neutral or in park its an automatic. Pull the hand brake just in case. This is precaution since youre working around the ignition key. Wouldnt want to start the car accidentally.
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    Check Your Ignition For Dirt Or Debris

    The inside of cars can collect a lot of debris over time. It is possible these particles can get into your ignition and cause problems turning the key. Check to see if there is any visible debris in your ignition. If you can remove it manually by using your hands or blowing gently, go for it.

    If you are still having trouble dislodging the dirt or debris, you can try compressed air. Get a can of compressed air, usually used for cleaning computer keyboards, and spray it into the ignition.

    Will Not Start Starter Not Turning Car In Lock Down Mode

    Will not start starter not turning …car in lock down mode key mode does not open or lock doors radio anking for a pass code….

    Mechanic’s Assistant: How long has this been going on with your steering? Any squeaking or grinding when turning?

    Does not crank over put starter is good

    Mechanic’s Assistant: What’s the year and model of your Jeep?

    2012 liberty artic

    Mechanic’s Assistant: Is there anything else the Jeep Liberty Mechanic should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they’ll be able to help you.

    When i bought it last week it would not go in 4 th gear it a auto matic

    Mechanic’s Assistant: Understood. Finally, how urgent is your question?

    Life or Death Matter

    Have you tried a Jumpstart? Sounds like weak battery voltage

    Any codes in the PCM or the TIPM?

    That would be the next step but all the symptoms point to a Failed TIPM

    That will not lock the car down

    If the tipm is bad there is no jump start sorry to say

    relay k1 k2 and k4

    I do not think it will start jumping relays I would suggest towing


    sent you the fuse block diagram

    the jeep immobilizer system will not allow starting from the fuse block sorry to say…

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    Take Apart The Steering Column Covering

  • Disconnect the negative terminal on your vehicles battery.
  • Remove the trim from around the steering wheel. There will be more than one piece, but the specific number will depend on the make and model of your vehicle.
  • Be sure to keep track of screws and other spare parts to avoid misplacing anything.
  • Reasons Why Key Turns But Wont Unlock Car Door

    How to Fix a Car Key that Won’t Turn


    This is a question that most drivers ask themselves at one point or another. A key turns in the lock and it wont turn all the way to unlock, leaving you frustrated and stuck.

    The reason for this happening can be as simple as a frozen lock, lack of lubrication, wrong key, dirt getting into the keyhole, etc. but there are other situations where its more complicated.

    In this blog post, we will go through some common scenarios where a car key wont unlock a door with solutions! Stay with us!

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    Slightly Move The Steering Wheel And Turn The Key In The Lock

    The most common reason for not turning the car key in the lock is the steering wheel lock. This happens when moving the steering wheel after removing the key from the ignition. If you notice that the key does not turn in the ignition lock, you can try the following:

  • Slightly turn the steering wheel left and right.
  • Observe where the steering wheel cannot be turned and the direction it has gone.
  • Move the steering wheel slowly in the direction that allowed us to turn it earlier and hold it there.
  • Turn the ignition switch to the accessories position by turning the steering wheel.
  • If nothing else, turn the wheel while turning the key.
  • If that does not help, turn the steering wheel when turning the ignition key.
  • You can combine turning the steering wheel with moving the key. By turning the key, the steering wheel opens, and the car must start. If the key still does not turn, you may have a more serious problem.

    Car Key Wont Turn In Ignition: User Error

  • The steering wheel is locked.
  • In a lot of vehicles, removing the key will lock the steering wheel from turning and because of this, the steering wheel can get stuck, which could also mean the vehicle key becomes stuck and cannot move to release it. This can happen when you accidentally bumped your steering wheel when exiting your car and it locked. This feature of the car prevents thieves from being able to steer the car if they have managed to hotwire it.

    If that is the case, you can try rapidly moving the steering wheel from side to side while turning your key in the ignition. This can relieve this lock pressure and allow the key to turn. Once you feel the steering wheel get released from being locked, you would also be able to turn the key without issue.

    If the ignition moves with your key in it the problem is solved. But this solution only applies to cars with a traditional ignition key, meaning a metal key that inserts into an ignition switch and turns to start the vehicle. However, if you’ve got an electronic key, then you won’t have this problem. If your car is the type that has a starter button and your steering wheel seems stuck, then you will have to go to the repair shop because an electronic issue will not be a simple fix.

  • Gear Not Set Right
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    How Do You Test The Ignition Switch

    Testing an ignition switch will vary, based on the vehicle. If you have access to the back of the switch, you can test for continuity across the terminals using a multimeter. There will be one terminal bringing 12V from the battery. When you turn the switch to on, but not fully into the start position, you should have continuity between the incoming 12V terminal and the terminal that goes to the dash lights and accessories.

    With the ignition turned to the start position you should have continuity between the incoming terminal and the terminal leading to the starter. If you don’t have continuity on either of these terminals, your ignition switch is faulty.

    If you are unable to get to the back of the ignition switch, it becomes more difficult to test the switch. In that case, you can go by symptoms to get some idea of whether your switch is bad or not.

    • If there is a clicking sound when you turn the key to the start position, you likely have a low battery or a faulty part on the starter, not a bad ignition switch.
    • If you have the switch turned to on and the dash lights and other accessories don’t get power, and your battery has a good charge, it is a sign of a possible ignition switch fault.
    • If you don’t have a damaged or dirty key and you have to push hard or wiggle the key to start the car, you may have a problem with the switch.
    • If the key won’t turn, and especially if a second key also fails to turn, it is a sign of a bad switch.

    Spray Your Ignition Chamber

    Key Will Not Turn: Key Will Not Turn in Ignition.

    If you cant turn your ignition chamber, it might be jammed or clogged up.

    Try spraying a silicon-based lock lubricant to clean the wafers and remove any dirt and debris that may be stopping your car key from turning.

    You may need to avoid oil-based products as a lubricant as they usually just stick to dirt and accumulate over time, blocking your ignition chamber even more.

    If youre not sure what the safest and most effective lubricant is to use, dont take any risks and contact your auto locksmith right away for advice!

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    My Key Wont Go Into The Ignition

    Your key has probably been damaged due to continued scraping against the wafers that make up your ignition assembly. The worst thing you could do is try to force your key inside the ignition during this time. This can potentially make the issue a lot worse, especially if you happen to break your key off in the ignition while doing so. If your key works in the door but not the ignition, its likely that your ignition is at fault. If your key opens neither the door nor the ignition, you should look into having your keys replaced.

    The Ignition Cylinder Is Damaged

    Risk level Low

    What to do Have it checked or replaced at the first sign of trouble.

    You insert and turn your car key in the ignition cylinder every time you drive your car thats thousands of operations over their lifespan. Over time, both components will suffer signs of wear and eventually stop working as they should.

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    Car Key Wont Turn In Ignition: Key Issues

    Problem: Often, most especially in older vehicles, the problem could be as simple as a worn out key. If this happens with the key, the pins inside of the cylinder will not drop correctly and start the car or the key is too worn out or already damaged not to be recognized by the vehicle.

    To make sure a worn-out key is not the only problem, you can use a spare key and try to use that first. Since you likely don’t use the spare key too much, it won’t have as much wear and tear and should have no same problem as the worn-out key.

    If you do not have a spare key best to contact your dealership to get a new key made. If you have confirmed that the key itself is really the problem, then you will need to replace it with a new one. Remember that a locksmith isn’t always equipped to do car key replacements because of the special codes and electronics in them.

    Go to the car dealership which issued the car and key to you. They will be able to make you a new key that is programmed with the right code. Give them your Vehicle Identification Number , but some newer models already have key codes attached to a set of keys. This is the code you will give to your dealership instead of the VIN.

    A bent key can still successfully enter the ignition cylinder, but sometimes once inside it will not line up correctly to get the ignition starting. Inspect your key and if it looks bent, then carefully hammer to flatten the key down.

    Why Your Key May Not Be Coming Out Of The Ignition


    It can be frustrating when you can’t remove the key from the ignition. You don’t want to leave the key in the car where someone can drive off with it and you can’t lock the doors unless you have a second key with you.

    But why isn’t the key coming out? Below are a few likely reasons that we found. Check on these before you call for service.

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    Issues With The Ignition Lock Cylinder

    you have a physical obstruction in the lock mechanism

    you might have debris inside the ignition lock mechanism that is preventing it from turning when the key is inserted. this may have been transferred into the lock from a key that had foreign material attached to it. this debris can cause the ignition lock pins to not line up correctly when the key is inserted, and the key won’t turn.

    solution 1: take a look inside the lock with a flashlight and check for any debris that is in there. if you see something suspicious, use a can of compressed air with a straw attachment to get into the lock and blow the foreign items out. just use a few short bursts – don’t overdo it. another option is to spray a cleaner like wd-40 into the lock cylinder, then insert the key and gently try to turn it. remember to wear eye protection when you do this.

    solution 2: if you are stuck somewhere without access to any of the above-mentioned items, you can try sliding the key in and out of the ignition lock several times, and then try to turn the key. this may move the debris out of the way and let you get the car started.

    components inside the lock cylinder are not operating properly

    the inside of your ignition lock has several rows of spring-loaded pins that match up with your key when you insert it. this is what allows the key to turn and thereby start the vehicle. the pins can get stuck or out of alignment, and the springs can also stick and may weaken over time. your key won’t turn.

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