Is Montway Auto Transport Legit

Bait And Switch Were Going To Charge Me 50% More Than The Quote

Is Montway Auto Transport Legit ?

I contacted montway and they quoted me $1538 to move my car from VA to WA. Told me that was the total locked in price cost to transport the car. The day of the move I got an email telling me the car would be picked up and the cost was $2308. That’s a 50% increase. I understand it’s an estimate, but 50% more ???? I cancelled and used someone else. Cost me the same, but I won’t be held hostage like that. And even after i cancelled they tried to charge my credit card. My bank caught it and called me.Edit: After montways reply………….I took a screenshot of the quote at $1538 if you want me to post it to refresh your memory. I booked at $1538.

Reply from Montway LLC

Why We Recommend Montway Auto Transport

Weve been looking at a number of different shippers for this series of stories, and overall we were impressed with the ease of obtaining a quote with Montway. Other shippers will ask for your phone number and then call you relentlessly to book your trip. Montway only requires an email address. Theyll follow up via email once youve obtained a quote, but its never high pressure at all.

The quote process is amazingly simple. Put your car in, decide on a few options and BOOM, youve got a quote right in front of you. The tool also makes it easy to change the details of the quote. For example, if you decide to ship a different car, you can change that detail on the quote page rather than having to re-enter every detail from the start.

The shipping costs arent cheap, necessarily, but we were rather surprised to find that it costs less than $1,000 to ship a car almost 2,000 miles.

Finally, the consumer reviews for Montway Auto Transport suggest that its a reputable, trustworthy company to deal with. The company received between four and five-star ratings from Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, and

We Shipped Our Car From Boston To

We shipped our car from Boston to Austin, driver was pretty close to on time both with the pick-up and drop off. He was very easy to reach and easy to work with. We would definitely recommend them and will use them to bring the car back.

Reply from Montway LLC

Thanks for choosing Montway for professional car shipping services!

I would use this company again, that says it all,I bought a collector car, Monty picked up and delivered as planned. In perfect condition.

Reply from Montway LLC

Glad we could deliver your collector car safe and sound. Thanks for choosing Montway!

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Does Uship Have Vehicle Shipping

Yes, uShip has vehicle shipping. In addition to transporting items like furniture, uShip can help you find an affordable and highly rated auto shipping company to meet your local and long-distance vehicle transportation needs. uShips open carrier rates are about 25% cheaper than its enclosed transport prices.

We Rate Montway Auto Transport 46 Out Of 50 And Name It Best Overall For Its Affordable Rates And Variety Of Car Shipping Services

Motorcycle Shipping Scams

Montway Auto Transport is an auto shipping broker that connects customers with shipping services and works with over 15,000 carriers across the United States. This article will take an up-close look at Montway Auto Transport reviews, services, costs, and more.

We believe the broker is an excellent choice for auto transport, but you might also consider any providers that landed on our list of the best car shipping companies.

Headquarters: Schaumburg, IllinoisService Area: U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska

Montway Auto Transport is a well-established auto shipping broker with over 15 years of experience. Inc. 5000 included Montway on its list of the fastest-growing companies in 2015 and again in 2021. Montway moved 140,000 vehicles in 2020, according to Inc. 5000. Montway also ranked in Crains Chicago Business 50 fastest-growing businesses in 2017.

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What Are The Best Auto Transport Reviews

The BBB is a great independent business reliability evaluation board for auto transporters. Most auto transport review sites receive some compensation for their services from companies. As a result, sometimes reviewed companies pay for their rankings.

What makes amerifreight a top-rated auto transport company?

Thats what makes us a top-rated auto transport company on the BBB. Its All About You and Your Car! Out of all the problems involved in moving, transporting your car shouldnt be one of them. AmeriFreight understands how difficult the process can be and therefore goes the extra mile where necessary to give you the experience you deserve.

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How To Get A Montway Price Quote Online

Its amazing how a lot of companies want to keep their prices a closely guarded secret until they can spring them on you at the last possible second. Thats absolutely not the case with Montway Auto Transport. The quote tool is located right on the home page, is simple to understand, and youre instantly provided with all the information you could possibly need to make a decision.

The only information youll need is the year, make and model of the vehicle and the pickup and delivery cities.

You have a couple of options to think about as youre filling in your quote:

At the quote stage, the only personal information you need to give up is your name and an email address. When you click the Calculate Cost button, youll be provided an instant quote on the website, and a copy of that quote will be sent to your email address.

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Auto Shipping For Snowbirds

If youre planning a long vacation farfrom home but would prefer having your car around for local sightseeing, youcan make use of the snowbirds auto shipping services provided by Montway.Offering this unique service, Montway ensures that you enjoy the comfort ofyour vehicle, no matter the location youre heading to.

Key Takeaway

All in all, Montway Auto Transport can cater to almost all kinds of auto shipping services. They are available at cost-effective prices and can be availed from any state in the US. Montway aims to be recognized as the company that has made vehicle shipping as simple a process as pizza delivery. To provide a wholesome experience to all its customers, the company offers innovative logistics solutions blended with its commitment to provide high quality services.

Shipping Experience Of Montway Auto Transport

Open Transport vs Enclosed Transport

If you are relocating across town, then you can get a local company for your need. However, the stress of hiring cross country movers for a cross-country move alone can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Montway is a good broker that will take care of it all. Below are the details of how things will be when shipping with Montway:

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Other Car Shipping Cost Factors

While shipping distance is one of the most influential factors in the cost of shipping a car, its not the only one. Other variables can significantly affect how much you pay to move your vehicle.

Here are some of the main considerations:

  • Time of year: Shipping a car during the summer or in January usually means additional expense.
  • Cost of fuel: When truck drivers have to pay more for fuel, the extra cost is passed on to customers.
  • Vehicle operability: Inoperable vehicles are more expensive to ship than fully operational cars.
  • Type of car: Larger autos and specialty vehicles such as RVs and motorcycles tend to cost more to ship.
  • Road conditions: Factors such as traffic, construction, weather, and the condition of the highway can influence the cost of car shipping.
  • Type of transport: Choosing an option such as enclosed shipping or expedited transport means paying a higher shipping price.
  • Shipping destination: Transporting a car from terminal to terminal is cheaper than having the shipping company do a drop-off at your door. Montway only offers door-to-door shipping, however.
  • Delivery time: You can get rushed vehicle shipping, but it comes at an additional cost. Booking your move a few weeks in advance and being flexible about pickup and delivery dates can help you get lower rates.

While closed transport means a more secure shipping process, Montway says using this method of transportation can increase a shipping bill by 30% to 40%.

Negative Montway Auto Transport Reviews

While Montway has many positive reviews, not everyone has the best experience. According to one reviewer on the BBB, a Montway staff member assured them that the quote they received would not increase. However, it did increase as carriers didnt accept the initial offer at the time.

Other customers express disappointment about auto shipments taking longer than expected. In one case, the carrier took a week longer than expected to deliver due to unforeseen medical issues. In the world of auto shipping, customers have to wait when the driver calls in sick. Auto shipping companies are small, and they generally dont employ massive numbers of drivers like UPS and FedEx.

The bottom line is the price can increase before you book your shipment, and shipping times may be unpredictable. Its good to be aware of these things so you know what to expect.

Our team reached out to Montway for a comment on these negative reviews but did not receive a response.

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Shipping To And Fro From Hawaii

Yes, you read that right. Montway Auto Transport has expertise in shipping vehicles to and fro from Hawaii. As a part of this service, they offer both port-to-port and port-to-door shipping, the costs of which vary. At the same time, you can bank on them to take care of customs and other paperwork efficiently, so sit back and relax!

As expected, this service will cost more than what youd pay to transport your vehicle elsewhere in the United States. But, shipping your car from Hawaii costs less than shipping it to Hawaii. Estimates on their website place this cost between $1,500 to $2,100. If you want to try them out, you can get an instant free quote through their live chat or online calculator.

Average Montway Auto Transport Cost

Motorcycle Shipping Scams
Open Transport
Enclosed Transport $989

Montway Auto Transport is a leading auto transport broker that connects customers to a network of vetted shipping carriers. In this article, well discuss Montway Auto Transport reviews, prices and shipping services to give you a clear understanding of what the company offers.

Between brokers, marketplaces and individual carriers, you have many options for shipping your car. Weve reviewed the best car shipping companies to make it easier to compare services and find a good deal from leading auto transport providers.

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Montway Auto Transport 2022 Review has reviewed over 700 quotes from 10 different auto shipping companies by performing mystery shopping and site visits to provide you the most up-to-date pricing information of the year.

Bottom Line: Montway is more than one of our best car shipping companies: its our number one pick. The auto shipping company not only has low prices, but it also invented a price calculator that many other companies use. It’s built a strong reputation with customers for the last 15 years , gets stellar customer reviews, and doesnt require upfront payments. Montways guaranteed pickup dates cost extra, but mean you dont have to worry about canceling your plans last minute. And the auto transporter has the best online chat feature weve ever seen.

Long story short: Montway is excellent.

Price Of Montway Auto Transport For Enclosed Option

Montway has been offering some of the consistently lower prices, especially for enclosed shipping. Its prices are around 10% lesser than the competition.

Regardless of if you choose the open or enclosed shipping option, transporting a car 1,000 miles or fewer costs an average of $770 with other companies while Montway Auto Transport charges just $660, saving you $110.

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What Is The Most Reliable Car Transport Company

The bottom line is that the best auto shipping company will depend on the customers needs for auto transportation. Our researchers identified Montway Auto Transport, AmeriFreight and Sherpa Auto Transport as some of the best car shipping companies in the industry due to their rates, services and customer reputations.

Montway Auto Transport Cost Per Mile

The Future of Montway

Mileage is one of the main factors in the cost of shipping a car with Montway. Like most vehicle transport companies, Montway charges customers on a per-mile basis. So while the overall cost of long-distance shipping, such as a cross-country move, is higher, the rate youll pay per mile is less.

Heres how Montway Auto Transports per-mile cost breaks down:

  • $1.96 per mile for distances under 500 miles
  • 93 cents per mile for distances between 500 and 1,500 miles
  • 58 cents per mile for distances above 1,500 miles

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car

The average cost to ship a car across the country is $1,650. However, numerous variables affect pricing.

  • Location: Where the vehicle is being picked up, delivered to and the distance between is the most significant factor that affects the shipping price. Besides the distance alone, some cities are more popular destinations for shipping, meaning they may be priced lower than going to or from an out-of-the-way rural community.
  • Transportation Options: Youll have several choices to make about your vehicles delivery, including door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service options, open or enclosed shipping and other custom provisions. Shipping prices increase as you add more options to your service.
  • Vehicle Size and Modifications: Larger vehicles such as heavy trucks are more expensive to ship than smaller, sedan-style vehicles. Also, if modifications like having a raised or lowered suspension make loading and transporting more complicated, the price will increase. The same is true of any other modifications that require extra accommodations.
  • Timing: You can save some money on shipping your vehicle if your schedule is flexible and delivery speed isnt as important as cost. The faster and more precise the delivery timing requirements are, the more it will cost to perform.
  • Season: The time of year you choose to ship your car will have a modest effect on the price, especially if youre competing with snowbirds during the spring and fall.

Montway Auto Transport Quote

Industry Average


According to Montways website, distances under 500 miles cost about $1.96 per mile, distances between 500 and 1,500 miles cost about $0.93 per mile and distances over 1,500 miles cost $0.58 per mile on average. Here are a few sample quotes specific to the auto transporter:


2,500 miles


We found that enclosed trailer shipments cost about $200 to $400 more than open transport with Montway Auto Transport.

Things To Keep In Mind About Montwayauto Transport

When researching a company, it isimportant that you consider both the pluses and the minuses. Like others,Montway Auto Transport also offers a lot of benefits, but there are a fewthings which you might want to take note of before finalizing your choice.

  • NoGPS Tracking: This is one facility that isnt providedby Montway Auto Transport. While you can call up their customer service and getsome updates about your shipment, the company does not provide live GPStracking of your shipment.
  • CancelationFee: If you happen to cancel your reservation after the booking has been confirmedand a driver has been assigned for loading, then Montway auto Transport willcharge a $199 service fee or the amount of your partial payment, whichever islesser. If you arent sure of your move or your moving schedule, we suggestthat you plan it through before booking your order at Montway.
  • CustomerReviews: On a number of third party platforms, Montway doeshave a majority of positive reviews but on a few others like Yelp, you mightcome across a bunch of mixed reviews. However, when you look at the completepicture, youll realize that Montway does offer a fair variety of services andthat not all experiences will be alike.

Montway Auto Transport Insurance Options

Motorcycle Shipping Scams

Montway Auto Transport only makes use of carriers that possess a minimum of $100,000 of insurance.

The company also gives its customers $250,000 of extra no-deductible insurance in case not everything is covered by your carriers policy.

The company provides full coverage for all its shipping. But those who have filed a claim for insurance understand that not all covers are the same.

So, what is the meaning of full coverage?

Montway expects all of its carriers to have a minimum of $750,000 public liability coverage and property damage insurance. So, unless your vehicle is highly expensive, you will probably be fine with the insurance policy of Montway.

Read our guide to auto shipping insurance.

What To Expect From Montway Auto Transport

If you are moving long distance, you might need someone to move your vehicle from one point to another so you can just drive your moving rental truck.

Montway can provide you solution to this easily. But the company also offers numerous additional services for vehicles that require additional special care.

Looking for a service that protects your car from hail damaging or from another weather element?

You can get enclosed shipping with Montway.

The company also helps you ship your classic car, including non-running cars.

The chart below summarizes all the extra services offered by Montway, and whether they are standard or will cost you more.

Montway Auto Transport Shipping Insurance

Montway Auto Transport makes sure that any shipment it brokers is insured. All land shipments come with Inland Marine Cargo insurance coverage up to $100,000. This is carried by the motor carrier but has certain limitations.

If youre shipping by sea, the oceanic transporter is deemed responsible via the terms and conditions of the shipping agreement. So if you ship outside of the continental U.S., we recommend reading the fine print.

Anonymous Problems With Product/service Complaint

Complaint Type: Status:


Business Response


Customer Response

I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely,***************************

that “order” was NEVER accepted nor “confirmed”. we called for an estimate. those attached emails were NEVER received nor read and accpted. only when I called back to see what had happend and requested to pay with a credit card did you “lock” us in to yet a higher quote of $1389. stating some BS that it was due to us requesting to pay by card when your rep ****** already raised the quote from $1250 to $1299. all of this uncertanty made us question the integrity of your service. we then contacted several other transporters which quoted us door to door delivery from $700-$895. when I tried to place a real order with them I found out you had taken the liberty on your own to accept and locked us into a system where we now had no other choice. you have single ****** ruined our move and we are having to leave two of our 4 cars here in **! you rep **** was supposed to call back with a final offer and we never heard from her the second time. ******* called and yet another run around. for the sake of your future customers please DO NOT ASSUME A CALL FOR A QUOTE CONSTITUTES AN ACCEPTANCE OF SERVICES

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