How To Pick Car Lock

The Next Time You Lock Your Keys In The Car Youll Want To Try These Genius Tricks

Pick a car lock

Realizing youve locked keys in your car is never fun, especially when youre running late. Luckily, newer cars make it much more difficult for you to do this. But if you find yourself standing outside your locked car with your keys sitting in the cupholder, these tricks will come in handy.

Before you send out the locked keys in car SOS text, learn how to unlock a car door without your keys with these three methods.

A Lot Of The Classic Techniques Dont Work Anymore

Cars are getting more complex and that means more advanced security measures designed to defeat lockpicking attempts.

One classic car thief tactic is the coat hanger trick. The idea is that by sliding a coat hanger in the gap between your window and door, you can manipulatethe locking mechanism directly.

Fortunately for you, this trick doesnt work anymore. This means your car is protected against robbers and it also means you cant rely on thistrick to get you back in following a lockout!

Thats because locks arent as simple as they once were. Modern car locks are almost impossible to manipulate using just a coat hanger.

Not to mention, many newer cars come with other systems, which block other lockpicking methods like auto jigglers .

These security measures are designed to defeat even experienced lockpickers.

And since very few drivers have even basic knowledge of lockpicking, your odds of successfully getting back in are slim, to say the least.

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The Final Fix What To Do When All Else Fails

The solution is usually the same regardless of which component is damaged, whether the key or the ignition: you need to get the damaged component repaired or replaced, which is something you should leave to the professionals.

At this point, its time to take your car to an auto electrician, a locksmith, or even a mobile locksmith service like Pop-a-Lock. However, I would avoid dealerships they’re often the most expensive option and require appointments to get work done.

What To Do With Locked Keys


Dont worry its becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to get locked out of their cars. Most transponder keys wont allow that to happen. Professionals say that locking keys in cars is becoming a thing of the past. If you get locked out, calling an automotive locksmith in Elmwood Park or the police might be your best bet, depending on the situations urgency. So if youre ever in a bind and find yourself locked out of your car, dont despair help is on the way.

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Car Door Method #: Use Your Shoestring

The first time I saw this, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It sounds too good to be true, but the car-opening tool you’re most likely to have on you at any given time is a shoestring. Unfortunately, this method only works on locking mechanisms that unlock by pulling up.

You’ll need to tie a small loop in the middle of the shoelace that, when placed around the locking mechanism, can be tightened. Work the string into the interior of the car through space where the door meets the car’s exterior, hook it around the lock, tighten the loop, and pull the string up. It may take more than once if you are not a pro like this guy, but it should work nonetheless.

How To Pick A Car Lock With A Coat Hanger

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1. Straighten out the hanger2. Bend the hook into V shape:3. Pry the window out slightly if it is closed:4. Slide the hanger into the gap5. Catch the post and pull up and toward the back of your car6. Press the unlock button if you can reach it:

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Does Picking A Lock Damage The Lock

Being locked out of your home or car is a stressful experience, even on the best of days. And it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time when youre in a rush, or have groceries in the car that need to get to a fridge ASAP, etc.

The best way to get back in quickly and safely is to call a locksmith professional. However, many people are wary of this as theyre afraid the locksmith will damage their lock in the picking process, costing them more money in the end. And, unfortunately, if you arent using a reputable locksmith, this can happen.

However, any professional, trustworthy locksmith will know how to pick your lock and get you back into your home or car without damaging the lock. You may wonder, how do credible locksmiths pick locks safely and efficiently to help you gain access to your home?

How Can Car Locks Be Broken

(006) Wafer lock picking – car door lock (Peugeot 107)

Car locks are designed to be difficult to break and most people dont have the skills or tools to break it. However, there are some ways that can help you get inside your car without breaking the lock.

The most common way is to use a coat hanger and hook it around the door handle, then pry open the door. Another way is to use a coat hanger as a lever by placing it through the window and then pulling on both ends of the hanger until you can pull open the door.

Break-in methods vary depending on what type of car youre trying to break into, so make sure you know what kind of car lock you have before attempting any of these methods.

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Choose Your Locks Wisely

If you want to make sure that you wont regret your decision later, then it is best for you to choose the right locks for your vehicle before buying them. Do some research about different kinds of locks before making your choice and remember that there are no perfect car locks, but there are perfect ones for different situations and needs.

What is the best car lock for your money?

There are many different locks that you can choose from. This is because there are so many different kinds of locks that are available on the market. However, there are some types of locks that have become so popular over time, and they have proven to be the best choices for people who want to protect their vehicles or houses.

Way : Using A Lock Pick Set


1. Straighten out both ends of the wire clothes hanger so that all youre left with is a long, straight piece of metal. Theres no need to be throwaway about this, as youll only throw it away after picking your lock.

2. Stick one end of your wire deep down into the bottom hole of the car trunk lock after hooking it through from the outside.

3. Angle your flashlight at a low-to-medium angle directly into that part of the trunk lock where you just shoved in that wire at the top and hold it down while adjusting its position until you can see or feel a catch holding onto your coat hanger wire when holding keyhole level with the bottom part of a lock where you just pushed your coat hanger wire into, which should unlock car trunk without affecting ignition switch functions like push start button and electronic locks .

4. With your other hand, push down on the keyhole of the keylock so that its level with the bottom part of the lock where you just pushed in your coat hanger wire and hold it down while adjusting its position until one side pops up about 1 cm high, which should be enough to give you some space to work with.

5. Keep pulling out very slowly on where the pink arrow is pointing until both sides catch at simultaneously your, which should unlock the car trunk without affecting ignition switch functions like push start button and electronic locks .

These ways will help in how to pick a car trunk lock.

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Automotive And Car Lock Picking Kits & Tools

Be prepared for an automobile lock-out with a car lock picking kit for sale from SouthOrd. Our professionally designed automotive lock pick sets will ensure effective vehicle entry. You never know when you might need emergency door opening tools for your car, so its a good idea to keep our entry supplies on hand. Our collection of auto lock pick kits includes diverse options to help you prepare for unexpected lockouts.

We manufacture a variety of car lock picking tools, including high-quality, stainless-steel auto jiggler sets and slim jims. We also have plastic car door wedges and inflatable lockout door wedge kits to create an open car door kit. Dont wait until you get locked out to find a solution. Make sure you have an auto lock pick set when it matters. Browse our full line of automotive and car lock picking kits below.

Car Door Method #: The Hail Mary

DANIU 20psc Foldable Car Lock Opener Double Sided Lock Pick Set ...

In one of the coolest methods for unlocking a car door, a simple tennis ball could do the trick.

You’ll need to make a hole in the ball, so a heated electric drill or screwdriver would do the trick. Place the tennis ball, with the hole on top of the keyhole, and push. The pressure created in the ball will force your car to unlock…or so they say.

This tennis ball method has more than a million views on YouTube, but does it work? The team over at MythBusters decided to test it out for themselves.

As you can see, there are plenty of arguments on both sides of the debate around this method. If you want to find out whether or not it works, the best way to do so is to try it out. Let us know in the comments if you have any luck.

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What Are The Important Features

After you know what kind of lock you want, it is time to look at the features that the lock has. Some of these features include a keyless entry system, remote control or a digital keypad, an integrated alarm system, and so on. By knowing these important details and comparing them with your vehicles specifications, you will be able to pick a model that fits your needs and budget.

Car Door Method #: Use An Inflatable Wedge

Using an inflatable wedge like Donnie Smith does help you avoid damaging the paint on your car and uses air to force the door open versus a metal object like the screwdriver method shown above. The wedge will create enough space to insert an access tool, a stick or rod, or some kind of coat hanger contraption, and all you need is patience and a steady hand to push or pull the unlock button.

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Identify The Vehicles Model

One of your best sources for identifying your vehicle model is its VIN . Your VIN is 17 characters long, although only 16 are required. The first six characters designate where and when your car was manufactured theyre known as World Manufacturer Identifier numbers. A letter placed between these two sets indicates what country it came from. Most cars built after 1981 have an alphanumeric VIN, meaning that spaces and letters are used in addition to numbers.

Car Door Method #: Use A Coat Hanger

(1340) Review: Lishi HU101 Auto Lock Pick & Decoder

The coat hanger method is one method I’m pretty familiar withI remember watching my dad use a coat hanger to unlock his car a few years back. I will say that it took him a pretty long time, but he eventually got it, saving him a call to the local locksmith and probably a hundred bucks or so.

You’ll need a wire hanger so you can untwist it and make a hook that goes inside the weather stripping in the window. From here, you have to jiggle it around until you find the locking mechanism. It may take some time, but it’s worth the trouble when you’re desperate. If you have your phone handy, you can try googling your car’s door locking mechanism to figure out where to aim the hanger.

This method works with horizontal locks as well, since you’re working on the locking mechanism inside the door, not aiming too pull up or push down the button inside the car.

If you prefer plastic clothes hangers over metal, then you might want to try some other options…

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What Are The Different Types Of Car Locks

There are many different types of car locks. The most common ones include:

  • Door locks: these locks are used to keep cars protected from theft and vandalism. They are typically installed at the front and rear doors of a car.
  • Trunk lock: these locks are usually found on the trunk lid of a car, and they prevent someone from opening it without the key. They can also be installed at the back door of a car as well as inside it.
  • Engine block lock: these locks can be found on engine blocks, which prevent someone from tampering with an engine or removing it from the vehicle without damaging it in any way.
  • Ignition lock: these types of car locks prevent people from starting or stealing a vehicle without the key by locking up their ignition system

Car Door Method #: Use A Slim Jim

No, not the beef jerky kind of Slim Jim. You’ve probably seen the car version of a slim jim used in hundreds of movies by thieves and for impromptu car break-ins, but it’s not just a Hollywood thingit really works.

Again, this particular method requires an older style lock. You insert the slim jim into the interior of the car door the same way you would use the wire from a coat hanger, working the locking mechanism inside the door.

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The Ultimate Guide: How To Pick A Lock With A Bobby Pin

Channel your inner 007 with this guide on how to pick a lock with a bobby pin. We are bring back the total hijacking a compromised locks because that sounds like a fun thing to do. In this guide, we will first walk you through the process, step by step. Remember if this is a serious case of a compromised lock, it is important to find a locksmith to correct the issue. Lubbock Locksmith TX might be able to assist if this problem occurs.

First, we need to take care of the practice piece. Then you can read on about additional information as it pertains to using bobby pins to pick locks. Despite new technological innovation, the locks havent changed much. I am talking about Master Locks, pad locks, door locks, it does not matter. They are all basically the same and you can pick them all with a bobby pin. So, lets get started! Good Luck!

How To Pick Car Locks A Complete Guide

DANIU 20psc Foldable Car Lock Opener Double Sided Lock Pick Set ...

Car locks are intended to keep your car safe from thieves and vandals. They are also used as a deterrent for carjacking. There are different types of locks that can be used depending on the type of car you have.

Car locks can come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. They can range from simple padlocks to complex keyless entry systems that require a password or fingerprint to unlock them.

Car locks can be installed on the outside or inside of your vehicle depending on what type of lock you want to use and how easy it is for someone to break into your car if they get it unlocked.

The most common controls in cars are the steering wheel, the brake pedal, and the accelerator pedal. These controls are located around the steering wheel. The brake pedal is located in front of it and the accelerator pedal is on the right side of it.

The car can be locked by using either a key or a button that is usually located next to the window near where you enter your car. The button can be used to lock all four doors as well as both trunks at once.

A common mistake people make when trying to unlock their cars is that they try to use their key instead of pressing down on the door.

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Avoid Picking These Vehicles

Picking the door lock isnt always the best choice. For instance, I never pick Lexus or Toyota vehicles that use side-milled keys. The split-tumbler design of those locks makes picking difficult, and its possible to damage the lock if you arent extremely careful.

The same goes for Honda and Acura vehicles that use the HON66 2-in-1 pick. If you have to pick one of those, be aware that youll have to pick it three times.

When you first pick it, the lock will turn just a few degrees until the split tumblers from one side drop into the slot for the split tumblers on the opposite side. You then have to pick those tumblers, which typically is easier than picking the entire lock, until the lock is free to turn the rest of the way. Then, when you turn the lock back, the same thing will happen again, and you have to pick the same tumblers again to get the lock back into the key-pull position. If you dont pick everything back to the key-pull position, the key wont go into the lock, and if the customer forces it, it can damage the lock.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW are other vehicles that present special problems with respect to lock-picking. On those, I typically use the High-Security Flip-Pick from Lockmasters. This is particularly true of the two-track Mercedes vehicles. I can and have picked those by using a Lishi tool, but if simply unlocking the vehicle is the goal, the Flip-Pick generally will do it quickly.

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