Hdm Z2 Auto Travel Cpap Machine

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Meet the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine – 29% Quieter Than the Z1 Auto!
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    I have been a cpap user for about 10 years now and the machine I have been using finally went out on me. I was searching around for a company that would take my machine in and have it repaired but all I have been getting were replies like “sorry your machine has been discontinued and we cant have it serviced or repaired.” I was in a jam and couldn’t find anything. I came across this “Out of warranty repair service” on Google and I called and asked about it. Thanks to the fantastic customer service reps, they were able to help me and get my machine serviced for a $100 deposit. Unfortunately because my machine is so old, I wasn’t able to get it repaired :Result Pages: 1 Q& As Have a question on this item? Ask here and we will answer it in12-24 hours, usually in a few business hours! Questions and answers will appear hereafter we answer. You may also have email notifications.

    Hdm Z2 Auto Cpap Auto Start / Stop Feature

    The Z2 has a function that allows it to start and stop automatically. When the mask is put on the face and you begin to breathe, this function will automatically begin the therapy. When the mask is removed, the therapy will come to an end. Replace the mask on your face and begin breathing through it to continue the therapy.

    Cpap Warranty Expired Accidental Cpap Damage

    Respshop.com offers CPAP machine repair service on select models of ResMed, Philips Respironics, HDM Z1/Z2, and Somnetics Transcend CPAP Machines.PLEASE NOTE:We do NOT take insurance as a form of payment.Because many international CPAPs use different machine parts that are not available in the US, we only repair machines originally sold in the US. Some machines sold in Canada are repairable, but please contact us first before you ship it to us.

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    Z2 Auto Cpap For Travel Hdm

    The Z2 from HDM puts AutoPAP therapy into a 10.5-ounce portable unit engineered for travel. Lighter, quieter, and smaller than HDMs Z1 CPAP machine, the Z2 connects to any standard CPAP mask. Pressure ramp, expiratory pressure release, and an intelligent breath sampling algorithm for auto-adjusting CPAP therapy ensure the sleep apnea user receives high performing auto CPAP therapy all night long. The Z2 works with a heat-moisture exchanger to provide waterless humidification. Bluetooth connectivity sends data wirelessly to the NiteLog mobile application. Integrate the Z2 with the optional PowerShell and its extended life battery to get at least 9 hours of cord-free sleep.

    Small Machine Big Personality

    HDM Z2 Auto Base Travel CPAP Machine

    The Z2 Auto may be small in size but it has a variety of features that will make sure you get the best out of your CPAP therapy. Some of those features include auto start and stop, Waterless humidification with included Heat Moisture Exchanger, 29% quieter motor, and automatically adjusting to correct pressure.

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    Z2 Auto Travel Apap Machine With Z


    Finding a good nights sleep away from home is difficult, and doubly so for travelers who suffer from sleep apnea. Thankfully, the Z2 APAP machine from HDM makes CPAP therapy a mobile experience. Lightweight, compact and extremely quiet, the Z2 APAP is a convenient and effective sleep apnea solution for travelers. The trusty Z2 APAP even delivers sleep therapy off the grid, thanks to its optional PowerShell battery pack, which powers a full 8 hours of cord-free therapy.

    • CPAP Therapy On-the-Go

    Traveling with a CPAP machine doesnt have to be a hassle, because the Z2 APAP is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. You wont have trouble finding a place for the Z2 in your suitcase or carry-on! Its also one of the lightest CPAP machines available, weighing in at a mere 10 ounces. Small and lightweight, the Z2 APAP is also one of the quietest machines available registering only 26 dBA during operation.

    This compact Z2 APAP might be ideal for travel, but it packs a potent punch and is more than capable of serving as an everyday therapy machine. The tiny Z2 APAP machine can flow 420 cmH2O of pressure, satisfying the prescribed levels for most obstructive sleep apnea patients. The Z2 APAP also utilizes HDMs comfort-enhancing Z-Breathe technology a proprietary algorithm that lowers CPAP pressure during exhalation based on your breathing pattern.

    • Integrated CPAP Battery Pack


    In The Box

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    • Hassle-free purchase of equipment and supplies shipped immediately and directly to your door
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    • Access to CPAP equipment not covered by insurance
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    • Unlimited access to a customer care team that can recommend products and troubleshoot concerns
    • Plus, the total cost is provided upfront and is often lower than through insurance. No hidden or recurring fees.

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    It’s Time To Climb The Mountains

    The Z2 will automatically adjust to altitudes up to 8,000 feet above sea level. The machine complies with the FAA for use on airplanes.

    When traveling outside the United States, the Z2 Auto will automatically convert the voltage. So now you can continue enjoying safe and comfortable sleep therapy wherever your next adventure takes you.

    Auto Start / Stop Feature

    Z2 Travel CPAP What you need to know

    The Z2 automatically starts therapy once you place your mask on your face and identifies when treatment is complete or a leak and automatically turns off. It also includes the Z2’s ramp feature, which allows you to start your pressure at a lower setting and ramp it up over time to let you adjust more gradually to sleep therapy.

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    Hdm Z2 Auto Cpap Machine Ramp Mode

    The HDM Z2 provides users with a Ramp Mode, allowing them to easily fall asleep as their CPAP machine ramps up to the prescribed therapy pressure. Make sure the machine is in standby mode before adjusting ramp settings. Ramp pressure can be selected by holding the Z2s Down arrow until the display begins to flash. Use the Up and Down arrows to select the desired ramp pressure, then press and hold the power button to save the setting. Set the ramp time using the same steps after holding down the Up arrow on the HDM Z2.

    Z2 Travel Cpap Machine With Z


    The Human Design Medical Z2 CPAP Machine is a single pressure device ideal for road warriors, campers, frequent flyers or anyone looking to take their therapy off-the-grid.

    Its the same size and weight as the Z1 CPAP, and has a quieter motor. To further dampen the sound, the manufacturer is including a FREE Q-Tube CPAP Muffler to further reduce ambient noise from the device.

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee! If for any reason youre unsatisfied, return it for a full refund.

    The Human Design Medical Z2 CPAP Machine will deliver therapy at a single pressure directed by your doctor. Looking for the version capable of automatically adjusting therapy pressure? Visit our page for the HDM Z2 Auto CPAP and find more information there.

    The Z2 CPAP is also compatible with the OPTIONAL PowerShell Battery, allowing you to use the machine even when not connected to an outlet. The PowerShell Battery is the same battery used by the Z1, and if you already have one, youre in luck!

    Differences from the Z1:

    • Compatible with PowerShell Battery
    • 29% Quieter Motor with FREE Q-Lite Muffler

    The Z2 features a quieter motor than the Z1 CPAP and has a noise output of 26 decibels. 26 decibels is about as quiet as a whisper. The manufacturer is including the Q-Tube CPAP Muffler for free with purchase, to help further dampen the noise from the machine.

    One of the Smallest CPAP Machines Today!

    Z-Breathe Pressure Relief with Auto Stop

    Waterless Humidification with HME

    In The Box

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    Hdm Z2 Auto Travel Apap Machine With Z

    The Human Design Medical Z2 Auto CPAP Machine is an improved version of the popular Z1 Auto Travel CPAP machine. Its small enough to fit into the tightest space… VIEW MORE

    Prescription required to buy this product

    The Human Design Medical Z2 Auto CPAP Machine is an improved version of the popular Z1 Auto Travel CPAP machine. Its small enough to fit into the tightest spaces and is designed to satisfy the needs of almost any traveler. The Z2 Auto is also FAA compliant and can be carried on an airplane and used in-flight.

    The Z2 Auto CPAP features waterless humidification that uses the humidity from your breath to provide moisture for your sinuses, mouth, and throat. Youll also be able to use your preferred mask for treatment and not have to compromise sleep therapy.

    Nitelog App Available For Free On Ios And Android

    HDM Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine with Z

    Do you need to track your sleep therapy progress for your job, your doctor, or just for your peace of mind? Download the Nitelog App from the iTunes Store or Android Store and have all the sleep therapy data from your Z2 available at your fingertips.

    Nitelog uses the Z2’s Auto built-in technology to sync data wirelessly, so it is simple to set up and use. It also enables you to share it by email so you can send data to your doctor.

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    Hdm Z2 Auto Travel Cpap Machine

    In Stock

    • Ultra-small and lightweight – Only 10.5 ounces
    • Integrated battery and waterless humidification
    • Auto-adjusting pressure, expiratory pressure relief
    • FAA-approved for in-flight use

    Questions about this product? Call .

    If you are a current user, we can help with prescription renewal. SimpleRx is a fast, convenient, and affordable solution.

    Please note this item is not eligible for further discounts

    Z2 CPAP is perfect for travel because it is lightweight, auto adjusting and ultra small.

    Breas Cpap Machines Great For Travel

    The Breas HDMZ2 Auto Travel CPAP machine builds on the form of the original Z1 CPAP machine. It has a more advanced, quieter motor and improved software systems. The Z2 Auto is tiny, so it fits easily in your hands while being ultra-light at just 10.4 ounces!

    The Breas CPAP machineis a great everyday machine that is also ideal for travel, packing easily into your bag or carry-on suitcase.

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    Hdm Z2 Auto Travel Cpap Machine Overview

    The HDM Z2 CPAP machine is a quieter version of its predecessor HDM Z1 CPAP with additional improved features, an auto start & stop button, and an algorithm for a comfortable CPAP therapy. The addition of Q-Tube to the HDM Z2 CPAP machine ensures lower noise levels even in higher pressures.

    The machine is sized 6.48 x 3.30 x 2.02 and weighs 10.5 oz. Take your CPAP therapy with you on the go with the HDM Z2 Portable CPAP machine.

    The HDM Z2 is compatible with all CPAP masks and tubing without the need of any special mask making the machine the right choice for you.

    Climb Mountains And See The World With Your Breas Cpap Machine

    Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Review & Setup

    The Breas CPAP machine Z2 automatically adjusts to altitudes up to 8,000 feet above sea level. It complies with the FAA for use on airplanes.

    When traveling outside the US, the Z2 Auto will convert the voltage automatically so you can continue enjoying safe and comfortable sleep therapy wherever your next adventure takes you.

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    Hdm Z2 Auto Travel Cpap Machine Qtube Muffler

    The Qtube is a reusable single-patient attachment that reduces acoustic noise that can be conveyed to the patient mask via the CPAP tube. With standard end fittings, the Qtube may be used with any normal or slim-style CPAP tube. The foam baffling material is already put in the Qtube, so it’s ready to use right away.

    The Only 12 Volt Travel Cpap

    The Z2 can be used with AC or DC power making it perfect for adventure! It will automatically adjust between 110-240v when travelling overseas and can be used with any 12V power source such as the powershell or pilot12 Lite battery.

    Auto On / Auto Off

    When enabled, simply start breathing through your cpap mask and the Z2 will automatically start delivery therapy pressure. Take your mask off and the Z2 will automatically stop.

    CPAP Mask Compatibility

    The Z2 will work perfectly with your favourite CPAP mask. It’s 100% compatible with every CPAP mask available.

    Nitelog App

    The Z2 comes with bluetooth functionality. Using the Nitelog App you can review sleep data, adjust settings, and operate your Z2 directly from your phone.

    Ultra Light Weight

    The Z2 is FAA approved for use on airplanes. It’s also the lightest travel CPAP weighing in at only 299 grams.

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    Comparison Chart For Travel Cpap Machines

    In this comparison of travel CPAP machines, we look at the most popular brands including DreamStation Go Auto, AirMini Travel CPAP Machine, HDM Z2 Auto, and the Transcend Auto. We compare them based on specifications, price, reviews, warranties, noise level, humidification, battery life, available accessories like tubing, and special features. Additionally, for a more in depth travel CPAP machine comparison, we like to direct customers to reach out to our customer service representatives either by chat or phone. They can assist CPAP users in either English or Spanish, and help you select the travel CPAP machine that will best suit your needs. We frequently update this and our other CPAP machine comparison chart pages to provide you up to date information. Note that all specification information comes directly from each manufacturer.

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    Breas & Human Design Medical Cpap Machines

    HDM Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Review

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    Cpap Machine Repair Costs

    The initial $99 processing fee provides a full machine diagnostic, repair quote, and covers the shipping cost of sending the machine back to you. If the machine diagnosis shows your machine is repairable, there will be a labor and parts charge for the repair. Before we start to fix the machine, we will send you a quote. We will need your consent before we fix the machine.A typical CPAP repair costs between $200-500, not including the processing fee.

    Z2 Auto Ultra Portable Auto

    With a new, quieter motor the Z2 Auto is one of the smallest, lightest, most portable Auto-CPAPs in the world. It provides responsive, customized sleep therapy, adjusting pressures automatically to ensure you receive the lowest, most comfortable, levels possible for successful sleep therapy. Z2 Auto includes a 30-Night Money Back Guarantee and a 2-Year Extended Warranty so you can rest assured knowing it is built from the ground up with quality in mind.

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    Engineered For Quiet Comfort And Performance

    The Z2s auto-adjusting algorithm for auto PAP therapy samples breath patterns several times a second to continually verify the pressure is correctly set. The auto start-stop feature initiates flow from the Z2 when a breath is detected after the mask is put on and terminates therapy when the Z2 detects mask removal at the end of therapy. When Ramp is toggled on, the pressure from the Z2 starts out low at the beginning of bedtime and gradually rises over a preset time. Z-Breathe is HDMs proprietary algorithm to smooth out spikes in pressure during exhalation. Z-Breathe can be set for mild, moderate, or aggressive pressure relief.The Z2 is quieter than the Z1 due to motor changes. The addition of the Qtube inline muffler reduces dynamic and static noise at the device and within the mask. The Qtube contains foam baffling and connects downstream on the CPAP tubing near the machine itself. Included Bluetooth connectivity delivers data to the NiteLog Mobile app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Use this data for yourself or share it with your care team.

    Hdm Z2 Auto Travel Cpap

    HDM-BREAS, Z2 Portable Auto CPAP Machine Programming Patient Guide MultiDoctorShop.com

    The Z2 CPAP machine is great for travel just like the Z1 CPAP and is even quieter then the Z1. It weighs in at only 10.3 ounces and easily fits into any travel bag. The Z2 CPAP machine includes an Auto Start and Stop Feature which allows therapy to start once you put the mask on and to stop when mask is removed. Not only is this machine light and quiet but includes a free Qtube to muffle any noise in the mask area plus you can use any mask with this machine. If you need humidification when you travel the Z2 CPAP uses the Heat Moisture Exchanger or HME which recycles heat and moisture from your exhaled air so no need to carry distilled water when you travel. The Automatic Altitude Adjustment is ideal for patients traveling through the mountains. The Z2 offers the same great integrated battery options as the Z1 where the power is limited you can add the optional PowerShell which is sold separately.

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