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The History Behind Economy Cars

How To Rent a Car For Cheap Anywhere In The World! $10 Per Day?

The first Economy car was introduced to public by Henry Ford in 1908 when the production of the famous Ford Model T began. It was the first car that middle-class people could afford. Today, the economy category is represented by the Peugeot 208, Skoda Fabia or Toyota Yaris, which are all available to rent in multiple car hire locations, such as Faro, Alicante, or Pisa.

Are All Fees Included In The Rental Price

The price you see includes the car, mandatory coverage , and fees that, if they apply, are usually payable at pick-up .

It also includes any extras you already added .

It doesnt include any extra coverage you buy when you get to the rental counter.

Tip: Theres a full price breakdown on the Payment page.

Economy Bookings Car Rental is an international booking service for cheap car rental worldwide. Rent a car fast and at low prices with top companies like Enterprise, Hertz, Europcar, Alamo, and more. Besides, Economy Bookings includes local car rental companies, which makes comparison possible.

Economy Bookings has a wide range of cars and 25,000 rental points in 150 countries.

Economy Bookings has the best prices for cars of all classes from more than 800 car rental companies.

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How Does It Work

The company states that their services are available in more than 150 countries and include includes searching availability at major car rental brands that are well trusted and recognizable, such as Enterprise, Dollar, Budget, Hertz, and others.

Like any other car rental website, customers can visit their website and submit the date, time, and location they need their rental car to be available, and the website will tell you what cars are available that fit your needs.

Economy Car Hire With Auto Europe

9 hacks for car rental in Alicante airport

The Economy category is the perfect choice for short drives for up to four people. With the boot capacity to fit up to two medium-size suitcases and a small hand luggage, Economy cars are an interesting car hire option, often chosen by students, young couples or small families. The additional advantage of the Economy category is the low fuel consumption combined with well-powered engines.

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Bobkhan’s Response To Bmunsamy’s Review

I have similar issue with them however I have paid for Insurence and car and when I arrived at the Istanbul airport the Gold car rental informed me that they had no booking under my name. I booked and took fresh booking through Gold car direct. I have emailed economybookimgs, and they refuse to pay me back for services they never provide.

Fine Print Doesn’t Say That Debit/visa Can’t Be On A Chime Account

If I could give negative stars I would. I checked all over Thrifty’s website and all of I ensured that I had the needed money available on my visa and 500 over the costs just in case I had to use my debit. Economy’s site says that they will only refund 48 hrs in advance. I prepared 300+ dollars for my rental off of my Chime card. This transaction went of very smoothly. Economy collected their prepayment. I assumed that things would be fine because the charge went through. 2 wks later I am at the Thrifty rental counter in PDX and turned away because my card was issued from Chime. Because I didn’t cancel with 48 hrs notice, I was unable to get a refund. I was left standing at the counter and 300+ dollar poorer. There was no way for me to appeal. I will not use either company again because there was no warning that cards by Chime would be problematic and no way for me to have my funds returned. You would think that if my Chime card could be used to collect the prepayment online that I would be able to use it in-store. You would be wrong.

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This Is The Worst Experience Ive Had In My Life

I went to pick up the car I paid for through economy booking website at thrifty. According to the reservation I was supposed to get Ford Expedition or similar in size. I get there and they gave me a smaller size car. I tried multiple times to contact their office but there was no answer ever. I had to pay double the amount I reserved the car for so the rental company can give me the car I originally paid for. So this so far, I paid for a car, rental company didnt hold up their side of deal and made me pay double the amount. I was there with my wife and three kids. Imagine how difficult it was for me to sit in rental office for three hours during pandemic and people coming in and out. I tried resolving the issue with economy booking through emails, which is also the worst customer service because they dont respond to your case until after 28 days. And then what they told me it looks like your issue was resolved because you got the same car. STUPID. WTH I demanded a refund and they tell me you ended up getting the car. Ya I got the car but only because I paid double the amount I paid you guys. I do not recommend this rental company to anyone and even rental companies that work with this company. They are cheating their customers and that is not acceptable in any way.

Top 10 Punta Cana Excursions

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the 35 best Punta Cana tours!

However, you are limited to what your hotel offers and if you would like to explore Punta Cana on your own and outside of guided excursions, then you either need a driver or you know it a rental car. Especially if you like to venture out off-the-beaten-track and visit the hidden gems of Punta Cana, there is hardly any way you can do it without a rental car if you dont want to pay a driver or a taxi every day.

Therefore, if you are just planning to stay in your resort for relaxing, swimming and sunbathing, you dont have to book a car. If youd like to discover the secret spots of Punta Cana and the authentic Dominican Republic, I highly recommend renting a car.

Is it worth to rent a car if you stay in an apartment, villa or guesthouse?

If you have booked accommodation outside of the all-inclusive resorts, the situation is a bit different.

First, you might have to go shopping, head to the beach or dine out at one of the several restaurants in Punta Cana. In this case, a car hire would help enormously, as you remain flexible and can go wherever you want at every time. Taxis would be the only alternative, but this might be expensive. Uber is a viable option to get around in Punta Cana, but not so much outside of the main touristic areas.

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Why Should I Use Economy Bookings Discount Codes

Economic Bookings ensures that your trips price does not prevent you from having a great time in any area of the world. That goes out to anybody preparing for a weekend getaway or any other travel occasion.

Perhaps its a long-awaited journey with your family members or your lover to other countries or locations that youve always wanted to take. When it comes to having the time of your life, cost should not be an issue.

Thats why Economy Bookings coupon codes that you can get via Almowafir should be used whenever possible to save money. Theres no need to go any farther if youre seeking the most outstanding rental vehicle bargains.

Car Rental Brands You Can Choose From Directly On Economy Bookings

Economy Bookings provides you with a variety of vehicle rental companies to pick from and curates the best possible offer for you, so you dont have to worry about the cost. Theres no need to be concerned if youve never used coupons before, either.

Economy Bookings offers savings on a variety of brands, including:

*Use Almowafirs Economy Bookings Code to get the most out of the aforementioned companies.

Because Economy Bookings works with hundreds of reputable vehicle rental businesses all around the world, you get to enjoy world-class travel. With Economy Bookings, youll get the best car for you to enjoy every second of your trip.

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Bookinggroup’s Response To Blessedistheman’s Review

Dear Customer,According to the economybookings policy, absolutely all terms and conditions of the rental agreement and Cancellation policy are available on the booking engine when you select the car type and enter other relevant information. The requirement to pay the Taxes and Fees on arrival was mentioned on the website BEFORE You have paid the prepayment. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if You are still have a questions. Send the email to our Customer Support Team.Best wishes,

Customer Service Very Poor

9 hacks for car rental in Alicante airport

Booked two cars in Spain for a family holiday. accepted the bookings and confirmed them with GoldCar When we had waited in a stuffy office in Barcelone for two and a half hours it turned out that GoldCar would not provide two cars to the some person. Economybookings did try to help over the phone but were unable to resolve the situation. We ended up hiring cars from another company. have now taken a month to come back to us and state that they willRead Full Review

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Economy Bookings Discount Code Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How do I get the best Economy Bookings discount coupon?

Answer 1: Almowafir gives you the best Economy Bookings discount coupon of up to 30% on all products within the Economy Bookings discount coupons. Rent or book a car in more than 150 countries around the world click now to get Economy Bookings offers!

Question 2: The Economy Bookings coupon is not working. What should I do?

Answer 2: Click on View Details to view the terms and conditions of Economy Bookings coupons and their validity period. In case you still have a problem using the Economy Bookings discount code, contact Economy Bookings customer support directly.

Refused To Refund Me $910 Due To Their Negligence

I reserved a car online at Houston IAH through Economy Bookings for $910. When I arrived at Thrifty car rental, my card was declined because Economy Bookings put a hold on my card for $910. I had about $2000 available on my card, but because of the hold, my card was declined by Trifty car rental for a total of $1300 including insurances etc. After explaining to customer service that I did not have enough funds on my card because of the hold they placed on it, they refused any refund statingRead Full Review

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Economy Bookings Reservation Options

Economy Bookings provides you with a variety of options for completing your reservations. You have the option of using the website, the mobile app, or the phone number.

When booking via, you can choose Full Coverage. With this security package, you can rest sure that will cover the costs of any damage to your automobile while youre on the road. That applies to both theft and property damage.

When making your reservations, be sure to use the available discount codes that you can quickly get via Almowafir!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Economy Cars

The strongest point of the Economy category is that these vehicles are super economical in fuel consumption, allowing you to save on petrol costs. Another aspect that speaks for the Economy category is their compact size these cars are easy to manoeuvre on narrow streets and are great for parking. The disadvantage is the boot space, as they do not fit many pieces of luggage.

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Book The Economy Category With Auto Europe

Visit our home page and make a search for Economy car hire category to find a suitable rental option. Fill in your rental dates and check what deals are available. Should you need additional assistance, contact Auto Europe’s rental specialists on +49 89 412 09 786 who will be happy to help you choose and book your rental car.

Auto Europe As Your Car Hire Partner

With over 24,000 worldwide destinations, Auto Europe has developed a vast network of car rental pick-up locations. Our services include assistance with the booking and help during and after the rental. Auto Europe is your best choice for car hire, and you can reach our rental specialists seven days a week on +49 89 412 09 786.

The Economy category includes models such as the VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, or Vauxhall Corsa. These vehicles are characterised by their compact size, economical fuel consumption, safety and low rental costs. These cars allow you to travel safely and save on petrol.

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You Might Be Able To Reserve A Car Now And Rebook The Same One Later At A Discount

Heres a strategy that might get you the best of both worlds: the guarantee of a reservation and the possibility of a cheaper reservation. Reserve your rental car as soon as possible, and select the option that allows you to lock in your rate but pay at the counter .

Ahead of your trip, periodically check your booked rental price. If the price dips lower than what you initially paid, cancel and rebook. If you didnt prepay for your reservation, most rental car companies won’t charge you a cancellation fee.

JT Genter contributed to this report.

Is It Worth To Rent A Car In Punta Cana

9 hacks for car rental in Alicante airport

After discussing the safety, lets have a look if its worth to rent a car in Punta Cana. Can you reach interesting attractions in the area? Can you use it to see the highlights of Punta Cana? Is it worth the money for your vacation in the Bavaro area?

It depends mainly on the type of accommodation and the style of holiday you are planning.

Is it worth renting a car if you stay at an all-inclusive resort?

Theoretically, if you come to an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic, you dont need a rental car. You have everything you need in your hotel, including food and drinks all day long, entertainment, the beach, etc. You even dont need to leave the hotel to go shopping, to get souvenirs or to book excursions you have everything right on the property.

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If I Could Give No Stars I Would

This company is an absolute joke! I came to pick my car up from the airport as that is where I booked it from. The email stated pick up was from the airport. So I arrived at the airport . Once I arrived, I couldn’t find the Acer car rentals office so asked another company. They said oh that’s not here it’s in the city. She said sometimes the address may be on the voucher. So I opened the voucher. I ended up calling the company because I was now running late, they told…

  • Value for Money

Avoid booking anything there. An intermediary company that trickes customers in a disgusting way and is completely disrespectful at the same time. Even if you catch them openly trying to cheat and lie, you are unable to communicate. You will not get any money back and you will be cheated for additional costs. Don’t be fooled that you booked your pickup or drop-off times incorrectly. They are based on this. To avoid!

  • Value for Money

I used to book a car in Fiji and it worked out much cheaper than if I’d done it through the company directly. The car was above my expectations too.

  • Value for Money

Anyone Used Economybookingscom Before To Rent A Car

rent a car for our 10 days vacation in Sicily in june.

We are a couple so a mini car would be fine for us.

I have came across ECONOMYBOOKINGS.COM and they have a Chevrolet SPARK available for as little as 165 EUR for 10 days :

Car Rental cost for whole period

Unlimited mileage

I could not find out who the supplier is.

I am wondering if anyone has any kind of experience with the broker company ?

cheers, bl4ze

Once again, read the terms and conditions for the broker and the supplier, and hire from reputable companies.

Contact your credit card company to investigate any disputable charges.


Avoid this company because of hidden fees. They are located in Latvia with no 800 number

DO NOT USE THIS COMPAGNIE! a NIGHTMARE! Old car with holes in the seats, smaller than the one reserved, etc…Still waiting for an anser and a refund since Christmas!!

Read the terms and conditions, and if there are inappropriate charges, contact your credit card company.


Yes, I used this company last Christmas. Best advice : DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! we had to wait hours for having no car at the end with children and luggage. we are still waiting for a reply to our calls and mails. They took the money but that was the only thing they did well! Almost no hope anymore for having my money back! At the time we were waiting, there was other customer who were complaining that the car proposed was not what they did rent on-line! People were rude on the spot. Good luck!

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Stay Away From Them Lost 300$ In La Back In 2016as

Written on: 21/05/2017 bystingray25

Stay away from them. Lost 300$ in LA back in 2016.As per reservation I was supposed to pay at the counter 287$ and a deposit.Actually what happened, when I arrived to the counter and presented a voucher, they have inputted it to the system and said that the amount I must pay is 626$ plus deposit.Since I had no other option I had to pay to receive the vehicle.Since then – they claimed that they were handling the case with Rental firm and after half a year stopped answering to me altogetherRead Full Review

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