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How Much Will You Save By Paying Off Your Car Loan Early

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The amount youll save by paying off your car loan early depends on the terms established by the lender. Its not uncommon for a lender to have a repayment term/cost when you sign a contract. Lets say you take out a $20,000 loan with a 60-month repayment term and 5% interest rate, in the end, youll be paying $22,645the $20,00 principal and then an additional $2,645 in interest.

Factors That Determine How Much Interest You Will Have To Pay:

Principal: This is the amount you are going to borrow .

Loan Term: This is the duration in which the loan amount, including interest, has to be paid back. Depending on the budgeting style, it can be weekly, monthly, fortnightly or yearly.

Repayment Amount: For a borrower, it is always good to be aware of the calculations of the amount that will go into repayments. This is because a certain amount goes in paying off the interest first and then the repayment of the principal starts. Again the interest amount is calculated on the principal you are going to borrow.

Rate of interest: The actual amount to be repaid largely depends on the rate of interest. The breakdown of your monthly interest payments are affected by how high or low your annual rate of interest is.

Auto Loan Early Payoff Calculator

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Consider How Paying Off A Car Loan Early Affects Your Credit

Paying off your car loan completely could help or hurt your credit, depending on certain factors.

When paying off a car loan helps your credit

Early loan payoff can help your credit scores by improving your . The less debt you owe, the more likely your scores are to improve. Lenders prefer borrowers with a low credit utilization ratio, which is seen as a sign that you can manage repayments responsibly without using up your available credit.

Lenders also look at how much debt you owe in comparison to your income, or your debt-to-income ratio, as a way to judge your ability to take on new loans. Having fewer debt payments, along with a completed installment loan and a history of on-time payments, could work in your favor whenever you want to apply for new financing, such as a home mortgage.

When paying off a car loan hurts your credit

It could hurt your credit score, however, if you lack another type of open installment loan. Lenders tend to look favorably on current credit accounts that are in good standing than closed credit accounts. And without another installment loan, such as a mortgage, student loan or personal loan, youll limit your credit mix, which makes up 10% of your FICO credit score.

Early Auto Loan Payoff Calculator Faqs

Early Mortgage Payoff Calculator

What is a pay-off car loan early calculator?

A pay-off car loan early calculator is a calculator that helps you know how much time you can shave-off from your car payment and the interest you can save by increasing your monthly car payments.

How will an auto loan calculator help me with extra payments?

Auto loans that span for a long period are great, but they accrue a lot of interest to be paid over time. Our auto loan calculator will show you just how much you can save on these interests by making extra monthly payments.

How do I find out my car loan amortization schedule with extra payments?

You can get an idea of your amortization schedule when you use our auto loan early payment calculator. You will be shown just how much you’ll be owing at any period in the life of the loan for both regular payments and accelerated payment plans that use extra payment.

Is there a ‘remaining car loan payoff calculator’?

Yes, there is a remaining car loan payoff calculator. This auto loan early payment calculator provides you with accurate information about how much money you still have to pay off on a car loan. You will, however, need to supply details on the loan amount, period, and extra payment.

How to pay off car loan calculator faster?

How to pay off a car loan early using a lump sum calculator?

How fast can I pay off my car loan?

When will my car be paid off?

How to determine the payoff amount on my car loan?

What about car loan amortization calculators with extra payments?

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Hit Calculate To See What Your Monthly Car Payment Would Be

Youll see three results:

What your monthly car payment would be:

Dont forgetthis is what youd pay every single month for the entire loan term. And with the average new car payment at $576 for almost 70 months, that’s thats a really long time to pay on a car before you own it.2 Whew!

What youd actually pay for the car:

Remember what we said about interest rates? This number represents the all-in price of the car because of them.

How much interest youd pay during the term:

This shows you how much of your all-in price isnt even going to the car. Its money youre paying the lender just for the privilege of borrowing their money.

If you want to play around with your results, just use the sliders to change the numbers. Adjust the slider on the car price to see how your monthly payment raises or lowers. Or you can adjust the slider on the results to see how the car price changes.

Why Use The Early Loan Repayment Calculator

The early loan repayment calculator will help you to calculate the monthly interest repayments and compare how alterations to the loan payments can reduce the overall cost of the loan. With this calculator, you can also compare the loan repayments over different periods of time and opt for the most affordable option. The early repayment loan calculator provides interest repayment options over a variety of time periods starting from 1 year to 10 years. You can also compare them to monthly repayment periods of your choice.

It’s quite easy to use, you just need to input the current loan balance, annual interest rate, current monthly repayment and additional monthly repayment and the calculator will automatically show you the minimum and increased monthly payments itself. You can instantly learn about the interest paid, number of payments, etc. Using a calculator will help you discover various options and make informed financial decisions.

Regardless of your preference of loan repayment, it is important to ensure that you are capable of sustaining the income necessary so that you can afford the loan throughout it’s terms. Remember, the best loan is the one which is affordable and can be repaid quickly.

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How Much Faster Will I Get Out Of Debt By Making Extra Payments

This debt repayment calculator figures how much faster you will get out of debt and how how much interest you will save by adding an additional principal repayment to your next regularly scheduled payment.

If you have multiple debts to repay then try this Debt Snowball Calculator to repay faster using the rollover method. In addition, there are 10 other to choose from. One will certainly fit your debt repayment needs perfectly.

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Alternative Methods Of Managing Mounting Debt

8.7.3 Early Payoff Calculators

Sometimes, individual borrowers may struggle in situations where they simply cannot repay their mounting debts. A lack of financial means, serious illness, and a poor mindset are some of the reasons this occurs.

In the U.S., borrowers have alternative methods that can salvage their situations. They should carefully weigh these options and assess in detail whether they should use them or not, as many of these methods may potentially leave borrowers worse off than before. Higher costs, lower credit scores, and additional debt are some of the possible consequences. For these reasons, some personal financial advisors suggest avoiding the options listed below at any cost.

Debt Management

Debt management first involves consulting with a credit counselor from a credit counseling agency. The U.S. Department of Justice contains a list of approved credit counseling agencies by state.

Suppose they deem a debt management plan viable. In that case, the credit counselor will extend an offer to the debtor. The agency will take responsibility for all their debts every month and pay each of the creditors individually. In turn, the agency requires the debtor to make one monthly payment to the credit counseling agency and possibly other fees. Usually, credit counselors will also require debtors to avoid opening new lines of credit and close their credit cards to avoid accruing new debt.

Debt Settlement


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Disadvantages Of Paying Off A Car Loan Early

  • Debt with higher interest – if you have debt like a credit card, which has a much higher interest rate, you may not want to pay off your car loan before you pay off your credit card balance. Instead, pay off your credit card first because it would save you more money on interest than paying off the auto loan.
  • Other opportunities – if you have other business or investment opportunities that can potentially make you more money than the interest payments that you are making on the car loan, you may want to delay paying off the auto loan.
  • Overall budget – if paying off early means that you need to make lifestyle changes, and would prevent you from doing the things that you enjoy, then it might not be a good idea to pay off the car loan. However, if you can cut spending and save more money each month without too much struggle, then paying off the auto loan makes sense.
  • Prepayment penalties – if there are prepayment penalties for paying off early, you should calculate the actual interest savings minus the prepayment penalties to see if it is still worthwhile for early payoff.
  • Low interest – if your car loan has low interest, and you are trying to build your credit history, then having an open loan balance can help with your credit score. However, if the interest rate is high and you can afford to pay it off, then it is much better to just pay it off and be debt-free.

How To Pay Off A Car Loan Faster

There are many good reasons to pay off a car loan faster, the main ones being that it would save a borrower lots of money on interest payments and the borrower would be debt-free earlier. Following are a few ways to pay off a car loan faster.

Before making extra payments or paying off your car loan, please talk to your lender first. Make sure that there are no prepayment penalties or conditions that prevent you from paying off earlier.Also, let them know that the extra payments are for reducing principal, otherwise, they may treat them as early interest payments for the next bill.

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Principal And Interest Of A Mortgage

A typical loan repayment consists of two parts, the principal and the interest. The principal is the amount borrowed, while the interest is the lenders charge to borrow the money. This interest charge is typically a percentage of the outstanding principal. A typical amortization schedule of a mortgage loan will contain both interest and principal.

Each payment will cover the interest first, with the remaining portion allocated to the principal. Since the outstanding balance on the total principal requires higher interest charges, a more significant part of the payment will go toward interest at first. However, as the outstanding principal declines, interest costs will subsequently fall. Thus, with each successive payment, the portion allocated to interest falls while the amount of principal paid rises.

The Mortgage Payoff Calculator and the accompanying Amortization Table illustrate this precisely. Once the user inputs the required information, the Mortgage Payoff Calculator will calculate the pertinent data.

Aside from selling the home to pay off the mortgage, some borrowers may want to pay off their mortgage earlier to save on interest. Outlined below are a few strategies that can be employed to pay off the mortgage early.:

Stretch Out Your Car Loan Term

Auto Loan Payoff Calculator for Calculating Early Payoff Savings

There are pros and cons when you decide to stretch out your car loan term. The main pro is that it can reduce the size of each of your car loan repayments. However, it will increase the total amount of interest you have to pay on your car loan.

If you think you cant support your current car loan repayment, you can ask your financial institution if its possible to extend your car loan term.

You can also explore our car loan calculator to get an estimate of your car loan repayments. To use this calculator, you just need to indicate the value of the car, interest rate, loan term, initial deposit, and the balloon payment.

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How Do I Figure Out My Car Loan Payoff Amount

To know how long it will take you to pay off your car loan, you’ll need the following information:

  • Remaining principal: How much of the original loan cost is leftnot the total with interest.
  • Interest payments: A sum of the interest you pay each month throughout the loan.
  • Lender fees: Any added costs placed on the loan by the lender.
  • Prepayment penalties: Fees associated with paying off a loan before a lenders designated time period. If youre thinking of paying the loan off earlier than planned, prepayment penalties might be in place.

The Thought Of Paying Off Your Car Loan Early And Doing Away With Your Monthly Payment Is Appealing But Should You Do It

Maybe you have a little extra cash each month, or you recently came into a large amount of money. Should you use those funds to pay off your car loan early? There are potential benefits, but also some possible drawbacks, to consider when deciding whether to pay off your auto loan ahead of schedule.

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Personal Loans Vs Auto Loans

The most obvious difference between personal loans and auto loans is that personal loans can be used to finance any type of purchase whether it’s wedding expenses, home repairs or a new car. Personal loans can also be financed through lenders, credit unions and banks. If you want more flexibility when it comes to what you’re using the money to finance, a personal loan is a good choice.

Auto loans, on the other hand, can only be used to purchase a vehicle and are usually financed through a bank, credit union or other lender. You may also be able to go through a car dealership, which will typically partner with other lenders to provide you with a loan, although it can be a more expensive option. Automobile loans also require a down payment, or a percentage of the value of the loan, and a larger down payment on a loan means having a lower principal to pay off later on.

Another major difference between them is that personal loans are unsecured loans whereas auto loans are considered secured loans. In other words, auto loans are backed by collateral in this case, the car while personal loans are not backed by anything. If you do decided to go with an auto loan, a lender can seize your car if you default on your payments. If you fail to make payments on a personal loan, however, your credit score will take a hit and the lender could pursue legal action which could eventually lead them to seizing your assets, including your car.

Terms apply.

How To Use The Calculator:

Early Payoff Calculator

Fill in the required fields and click on the Calculate button to see the results. Heres what each of the fields means:

  • Current loan balance: the current amount left to pay on a loan.
  • Annual interest rate: the amount you pay every year to borrow money, including fees, expressed as a percentage.
  • Years of term remaining: the remaining length of your loan, expressed in years.
  • Extra monthly payment: an additional payment that goes towards the principal part of a loan.
  • Interest saved with extra payments: the amount saved in interest by making an extra payment each month.
  • Monthly payment: the amount paid to your lender each month in order to repay a loan.
  • Months to payoff: how many months are left until the loan is fully paid.
  • Total payments: the total amount of money paid towards the loan.
  • Total interest: the total amount of money paid in interest.

Our goal at FinMasters is to make every aspect of your financial life easier. We offer expert-driven advice and resources to help you earn, save and grow your money.

Tools & Resources

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Exercising Additional Payment Options

When you sign on for a 30-year mortgage, you know youre in it for the long haul. You might not even think about trying to pay off your mortgage early. After all, whats the point? Unless youre doubling up on your payments every month, you arent going to make a significant impact on your bottom line right? Youll still be paying off your loan for decades right?

Not necessarily. Even making small extra payments over time can shave years off your loan and save you thousands of dollars in interest, depending on the terms of your loan.

Debt Repayment Calculator Terms & Definitions

  • Balance Owed The outstanding amount of debt owed to your creditor.
  • Annual Interest Rate The annual percentage interest paid for borrowing money.
  • Regular Monthly Payment The amount you regularly repay on your debts.
  • One-Time Lump Sum Addition To Next Payment Your planned one-time additional payment toward principal owed on your loan during your next payment.
  • Current Payoff Term The remaining loan term if you make the regular monthly payment only.
  • New Payoff Term The new loan term after paying an additional amount to principal.
  • Time Saved How much time youll save by making the additional, one-time, lump sum payment.
  • Original Interest Cost How much interest youll pay if you only make the regular monthly payment.
  • Reduced Interest Cost How much interest youll pay if you make the additional one-time lump sum payment.
  • Total Interest Savings How much interest youll save over the entire loan life if you make the additional one-time lump sum payment.
  • Return On Investment For One-Time Repayment The percentage return youll make on your one-time lump sum payment.

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