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The law requires all drivers to maintain an auto insurance policy while driving a vehicle on public roadways. While this may seem a bit unfair, you also have to consider that we’re living in America where two truths are evident:

  • Medical and hospital costs are incredibly high.

  • Cars and automobiles are costly.

Without insurance, a small two-driver car crash with no fatalities can easily cost the two drivers upwards of $15,000 or more after paying for medical bills and vehicle repairs! The average cost for an ambulance ride alone can be upwards of $300 per mile. Repairingthe front end on a car can easily cost $2,000 to $3,000, not including anything else that may have been damaged.

Car insurance ensures that drivers only have to pay a small amount out of pocket in the event of an accident. This is known as your deductible. For example, if you have a $1,000 deductible and sustain $8,000 worth of damages to your car, then you’ll pay $1,000, and your insurer will pay the remaining $7,000 .

Car insurance also ensures that the other driver is covered as well. For example, if you’re found at fault and crash into somebody else, your insurance will pay for their medical bills so that you don’t have to face a lawsuit and pay for their medical bills out of pocket.

We suggest you take a minute to think aboutyourrisk as a driver to the car insurance company.

  • Are you a new driver?

  • Living in a place with lots of potholes?

  • Driving an old car?

  • Or maybe just a bad driver?

What Is Car Insurance

Car insurance is a contract between you and an auto insurance company. In exchange for a premium, the company covers the potential cost of possible damages and financial loss resulting from driving and vehicle ownership.

We’ve all been there accidentally bumping into a car while trying to back into a parking spot, stopping short, and getting rear-ended – the list of car accident possibilities is seemingly endless. But one thing is for sure, getting the damage fixed can be incredibly costly if you are not covered!

But that’s where auto insurance comes into play. There are many different types of auto policies . Some typical cover accidents. Others consider vehicle theft, weather risks, bumping into animals, and depreciating car values.

If you’re reading this right now, then the chances are that you’ve been wondering how to choose car insurance, or you’re wondering exactly what does car insurance covers. Here, we’ll give you a quick crash course in car insurance. Below, we’ll discuss the following:

  • What does car insurance cover?

  • The difference between basic liability and full coverage insurance.

Who Sets Car Insurance Rates In Ontario

A few key factors are at play in determining car insurance rates in Ontario. They are:

  • Insurance data – This relates to the car insurance data gathered by insurers in your area . Included in this data would be the cost of fraudulent claims to insurers and the amount of car insurance claims that happen in your area.
  • Your personal driving history – The auto insurer you choose to place your business with will need to verify your driving history before taking you on as a new client. This pertains to the amount of at-fault claims youve had, as well as your tickets history. Please be prepared to disclose your most recent six years of claims history and three years of tickets history.
  • The type of car insurance coverage youre looking for – In Ontario, the three degrees of coverage are:
  • Third Party Liability: By law, this is the minimum required auto insurance coverage in Ontario.
  • Liability, Collision & Comprehensive: This is the maximum amount of car insurance coverage available in ON. Often referred to as full coverage.
  • Liability, Collision OR Comprehensive: If car insurance was sized like fountain drinks, this would be the medium drink. If you want more than the minimum but feel the maximum coverage is too much, you can choose to add collision or comprehensive to your liability coverage.

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Nationwide Auto Insurance Discounts

Nationwide offers several discounts, especially for drivers with safe driving habits. If you have a driver in high school or college, look for Nationwides discounts for good students.

Other car insurance discounts from Nationwide include:

  • Multi-policy discount: You can save on both your home and auto insurance policies when you bundle them together.
  • Accident-free and safe driver discounts: If you have a clean driving record you could receive a discount.
  • Defensive driving discount: This is a discount for completing a state-approved safety course.
  • Good student discount: If you have a young driver between the age 16 to 24 who has a B average or better in high school or college, you could be eligible for savings.
  • Anti-theft discount: Ask about this discount if your vehicle is equipped with certain anti-theft devices.
  • Easy pay sign-up discount: This is a one-time discount for setting up an automatic payment from your bank.
  • Paperless discount: You can get a discount for receiving your insurance documents and bills electronically.

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What Determines The Cost Of Auto Insurance

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Your auto insurance rate is determined in large part by:

  • Your licence level:Not having a full licence will cause your premium to be higher. Conversely, having a full licence has a positive effect on your car insurance rates.
  • Your driving history: Insurance companies favour drivers who have many years of claims-free driving experience. Having little driving experience , previous claims and driving convictions will push your car insurance rates up. Car insurance rates for new drivers are also among the highest.
  • Your age: Being a young driver puts you at a higher probability of being in a collision, according to actuarial data: youre new to driving and are likely going to make some mistakes.
  • Licence suspension of up to a year.
  • Having your vehicle impounded.

If you get into a collision and you dont have insurance, you will be responsible for any damages. In most cases, its very rare for one person to be 100% at fault, so the chances of you needing to pay up are good.

Youre also denied the right to sue for any type of accident benefit. That’s money that can help cover any loss of income and hospital expenses

If you get into a collision in a borrowed car, the insurance premium belonging to the owner will increase.

Getting caught driving without car insurance will seriously impact your ability to get insurance and get it at a low rate.

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How Much Is Car Insurance

The cost of car insurance can vary depending on a number of factors. When calculating your car insurance cost, insurance providers will consider many things including your annual mileage, the make and model of your vehicle and how long you have been driving.

According to the ABI in July 2020, the average fully comprehensive car insurance premium in the UK is quoted at £460 subject to your individual circumstances and the features of your level of cover. In order to get the best cheap car insurance, it is always recommended that you use a price comparison site just like You can see more information on how your car insurance is calculated here.

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes For Military Members: Usaa

Average of all insurers $60

USAA covers drivers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., but only active military members, veterans and their families may be eligible. However, as the fifth-largest auto insurance company in the country, it serves almost as many drivers as other big names like Progressive and Allstate.

USAA stands out for more than just affordable rates: It also has one of the best customer service reputations in the industry. The company takes the top spots in J.D. Power’s Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study every year. USAA also has a low complaint index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners , which means customers don’t have many complaints about support or claims.

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Why Is Insurance So Expensive

There are several reasons why your auto insurance could be so high. First, your age matters. Drivers under 25 are far more likely to be involved in an accident and face higher premiums.

Secondly, the state where you live can have a big impact. Places like California have very high insurance premiums due to busy roads, severe weather or an increased risk of theft or vandalism.

Finally, insurance premiums are pushed up by the high number of uninsured drivers. If you are in an accident with an uninsured driver, you will be left paying for the damage. The risk of this happening is factored in when you buy insurance, making it more expensive.

Car Insurance Quotes By Company

Is it cheaper to buy car insurance online or through an agent?

Car insurers charge different prices for coverage, and you might find a drastically lower quote at one company compared to another.

This is the most important reason to compare auto insurance quotes when shopping. For example, a driver could get a quote costing $109 per month from one company and $196 per month from another for the same full coverage policy.


*USAA was not included in rankings because only military members, veterans and their families are eligible.

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How Coverage Affects Auto Insurance Quotes

Annual rate

Car insurance is typically more expensive for men than women, especially for younger drivers.

Differences in quotes are typically larger among new drivers in their teens, and often the gap in price between men and women narrows significantly throughout their early 20s to mid-20s.

Quote disparities are largely due to how insurers evaluate risk, as historical data has shown that young men engage in risky driving behavior more often than young women.

Some states, however, prohibit carriers from using gender in the auto insurance quotation process, including California, Massachusetts and Michigan, among others.

What Our Car Insurance Expert Says

With rising bills and costs across the UK, its never been more important to make savings where you can. If youve had a renewal offer from your current insurer, dont just accept it before youve done your own research. You might find a cheaper price with a different insurer.

Comparing quotes is the easiest way to do this, and it only takes a few minutes.

Car insurance expert

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Do I Need A Credit Check To Get Insurance Quotes

When you get quotes through our site, youll usually see soft searches on your credit report. These are nothing to worry about. Theyre only visible to you and dont affect your credit rating. A soft search is usually just used to confirm your identity.

The only time youll see a hard search is if you choose to pay for your car insurance monthly. This is because the insurer will need to check you can cover the payments of the contract usually 12 months.

Cheapest Car Insurance After A Speeding Ticket

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Geico has the lowest insurance cost after a speeding ticket , according to a 2022 data analysis. Tickets for moving violations affect how much you pay for car insurance, so part of keeping your cost low is maintaining a clean driving record.

Insurance companies check your driving history upon renewal or when you get quotes for a new policy and use that information for rate pricing. Typically, youll pay higher rates if youve had a recent moving violation, such as a speeding ticket.

However, each company assesses risk differently, so even if you have driving infractions on your record, youll save if you compare car insurance companies. Below is a breakdown of average increases for speeding tickets by company.

Average increases for speeding tickets by company


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Auto Insurance Quotes In Under 2 Minutes

Two Minutes is all it takes to receive an auto insurance quote from Insurance Navy. Just enter your ZIP code and let our car insurance comparison tool do the rest of the work finding the cheapest rates.

The quality service doesn’t end with your quote. Insurance Navy proudly uses a customer orientated approach.

We’ve grown into one of the largest insurance agencies by helping drivers receive the cheapest car insurance quotes they need at an affordable price.

Even drivers with a bad driving history can get an affordable auto insurance quote. Anyone can get insured when they choose a cheap car insurance policy with Insurance Navy.

How Do I Get The Cheapest Car Insurance Quote Online

Youll find the cheapest car insurance quotes online by comparing the rates of several insurance companies. However, you must know the best insurance quote for your particular needs. Often, you can only figure out which insurer truly offers the cheapest car insurance quote by digging into the details. Those details include the types of discounts for which youre eligible, such as a good student or multi-policy discount.

Homeowners usually pay less in car insurance than renters, married people less than single individuals, and more education may equal lower premiums. Credit scores also play a crucial role. Some companies offer rates based on mileage, so if you dont drive your car that much, you can save on premiums.

Until comparing quotes based on your particular details, you arent sure you are really getting the cheapest car insurance quote online. The criteria used by insurance companies for cheap car insurance quotes online boils down to who they think will file fewer claims.

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Should You Get A Quote Online Or With An Agent

You can get quotes in person, over the phone or online. Getting online quotes is typically the most convenient, but drivers who prefer a more personal touch may opt to work directly with an agent.

  • You can also check quotes on the insurer’s website for free. Some companies, such as Progressive, let you see competitors’ rates side by side so you can find the best price for you.
  • If you can’t get a quote online, try calling an agent at the insurance company you’re interested in. With agents, you can either get one company’s quotes or quotes from multiple companies.
  • Some insurers give you a discount for buying a policy online.

Bottom line: Getting quotes online can be more convenient for drivers, while calling up an agent offers a direct point of contact for your auto policy.

How Do I Find The Cheapest Car Insurance

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Quote Comparisons Online

Thankfully, some of the factors that influence the price of car insurance are within your control. For starters, make sure you use a car insurance comparison website, like Can you afford to pay annually rather than monthly? Then do so, as this will make premiums cheaper. Lastly, never just auto-renew, make sure you shop around to compare Alpine A110 car insurance for the best deals on the market.

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Is Auto Insurance Different Between Canadian Provinces

This is a great question!

Yes, each province has a different system and mandatory coverages, so rates would be vastly different between each one. British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have government-provided auto insurance programs whereas, Alberta, Ontario, the Atlantic provinces and Territories have private car insurance markets. And, Quebec has a hybrid system – the government provides personal injury, while the property damage is done through private insurers.

What Should You Look For When Comparing Car Insurance

Here are some important things to consider when you are comparing auto insurance rates:

  • Make a fair comparison. That means ensure the coverages and deductibles are similar when you are comparing. Its also important to make sure the vehicle, drivers, address, annual kilometres etc., are all the same for an equal and fair comparison.
  • Ensure the quote is accurate. Some companies offer a quick quote that doesn’t necessarily reflect the price you’d actually pay if you proceed to purchase.
  • Customer service. It’s important that your insurance company is there when you need them. This includes everything from hours of operation to providing multiple ways for you to manage your policy, ask questions and submit a claim.
  • Payment options. Are there options to make payments monthly or annually? Can you pay by credit card? Are there any hidden fees? Do you have to make a down payment up front?
  • Additional perks. Are there any other extras offered ?

All these factors come together to help you decide if youre getting good value for the insurance you purchase. For example:

There can be a big difference between cheap auto insurance and insurance that is good value. Make sure you recognize the difference. The best thing to do is look around and really understand what the best insurance options are for you. Taking into consideration all the contributing factors, not just if its cheap car insurance. Get a car insurance quote today to get started.

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Are Car Insurance Rates Cheaper If You Bundle

Yes, you can get affordable car insurance rates if you bundle. If your family or household has more than one car, you should ask your insurer about car insurance discounts. Or you can use a policy search tool like ours to find the best bundled deals.

Companies that bundle auto insurance usually offer a 5 – 25% discount per policy. This doesnt just apply to auto insurance. For example, bundled home insurance deals can offer huge savings due to the high costs of these premiums.

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