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Advice For Renting A Car, Driving In Cabo (2020)

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Where Is Cabo Mexico

Lets start with the big Is it Los Cabos or Cabo San Lucas? question.

Los Cabos, meaning the Cays in English, is a large municipality. The two most popular places for visitors within Los Cabos Municipality are Cabo San LucasandSan Jose del Cabo, located about 30-45 minutes apart.

The Cabo Airport is located in San Jose del Cabo, so if youre getting the car when you arrive, youll technically be renting a car in San Jose del Cabo, not Cabo San Lucas.

Still, Cabo International Airport is the best place for renting a car in Los Cabos, no matter where youre headed in the area.

Cabo Map

For answers to other common questions about Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos, check out the Cabo FAQtowards the end of this article.

Renting A Car in Cabo Mexico

Whats The Best Place To Rent A Car In Cabo San Lucas

The best place to rent a car in Cabo is when you arrive at Los Cabos International Airport .

A Cabo Airport car rental is the most convenient, since youre flying there anyway, and you will need some way to get to Cabo San Lucas, which is about 30-45 minutes from the airport.

Youll find the most rental car companies there, with a wide range of vehicles to choose from.

Keep in mind that many visitors want a Jeep or 4X4 to go off-road in Cabo, so if that interests you, book early because those can go quickly. This is especially true in the Cabo high season of November to March.

Is the airport cheaper than off-site rental agencies?

While a car rental in Cabo Airport might cost a bit more than an off-site agency, you end up spending more in taxis to get to said off-site location than you save in rental costs.

It also saves you time to rent a car in Cabo Airport and time is the most precious of all travel commodities.

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Other Cabo Travel Scams To Look Out For

1. Non-Reset Pump Scam

In Mexico, you dont pump your own gas. When you get to the pump, there will be an attendant who pumps and takes your payment.

When you pull up, make sure the pump is zeroed out meaning the pump is set to $0. Some attendants will even ask you to verify before they start pumping.

2. Extra Insurance Scam

Unless you purchase Mexico car insurance from the rental agency directly, they will try to upsell you extra services and coverage.

There is no need to pay this extra insurance cost if you already have coverage which I purchase when renting with Discover Cars, as its the cheapest Ive seen.

3. Quick Change scam

This is a pretty standard bill swap, or wrong payment scam. If youre paying in cash, count the bills one by one in front of the attendant, otherwise they can quickly change the bills with sleight of hand after you give them the money.

With this scam, they take your money and quickly swap out a $500 peso bill with a $20 peso bill, saying you gave them a $20 when it should have been a $500.

They hand you back the $20 and you hand them a $500, so they have essentially pocketed $480 pesos .

Note: This wont ever happen to you if you pay with a credit card.

Renting A Car in Cabo Mexico

Car Rental In Cabo San Lucas From Los Cabos Airport

San Jose Cabo Car Rental

Cabo San Lucas is an emblematic destination located in the peninsula of Baja California and year after year receives thousands of visitors either for business trips or willing to enjoy its paradisiacal landscapes and excellent weather for vacationing.

Many visitors recommend visiting this destination with a car rental in Cabo San Lucas from the airport because public transportation services are not the best in the locality. By renting a car in Cabo San Lucas you will be able to travel and visit the best beaches of the Baja California peninsula and the rest of the destinations that are just a few kilometers away.

Some destinations to visit are the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas or also known as “The end of the earth” so well known for attracting thousands of visitors to take a tour and observe the beauty of nature and hopefully see whales.

Now if you want to tour the city, car rentals in Cabo San Lucas will be ideal because you can move quickly and with a full tank you can minimize expenses. The best way to acquire the car rental service is with the Los Cabos Airport or other companies such as City Car Rental, Hertz, Dollar, or Avis.

The advantage of booking a car rental Cabo San Lucas from Los Cabos Airport is that you will get a safe service through their reservation center and with the best prices with insurance included. The best way to book is through this site so we recommend you to do it in advance and not suffer from a shortage of vehicles in the high season.

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car At Los Cabos Airport

The average cost for a Car Rental Los Cabos Airport is $38.18 USD per day for an economy car with City Car Rental. All prices include insurance and taxes, so you know the final price since booking. Remember that renting a car will help you visit different locations in or out of the city without extra costs.

Ten Car Rental Featured

We have been renting cars in Cabo each year we go, which is about every year, and almost gave up on it as the experience has always been terrible, said Kathy J. of Seattle, Washington, who added that, but this year that was not the case. We were told by our hotel about Ten Car Rental and they said it would a different experienceand it was.Address:San José Del Cabo International Airport and Cabo del Sol Cabo San Lucas, BCS, MéxicoPhone: 172-2402 |

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How Much Is Mexican Car Insurance

Different companies price coverage differently, but in general, Personal Liability Insurance is about $7-12 USD per day. For full coverage insurance, plan to pay about $15-20 USD per day.

With just Personal Liability Insurance, youll usually have about a $2,000 USD deductible, whereas the full coverage deductible is usually $0, since youre fully covered.

If youre wondering whats the best Mexican car insurance, that would be full coverage with no deductible.

Cheapest Mexico car insurance: Discover Cars

When Im renting a car in Mexico, I always use Discover Cars which only charges about $7-12USD per day for full coverage. Its the cheapest Mexico car insurance Ive ever found.

Renting A Car in Cabo Mexico

Can I Take Uber From Cabo Airport

Top Scams To Watch Out In Cabo San Lucas Don’t Get Tricked

No Uber can not legally pick you up at Cabo Airport. To get a Los Cabos Airport Uber, youll have to walk out to the main road near the highway, completely off airport grounds.

For safety reasons, I dont recommend this, and instead suggest booking this private Cabo Airport shuttle.

Note: If youre flying into the CSL Cabo Airport, which is not the main airport in Cabo, you can call an Uber and they will pick you up from there without issue.

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Car Rental Cabo San Lucas

Your Rate Code cannot be used for this reservation due to following reason:

  • Rate Code requires minimum length of 5 days


Providing your age allows us to give you a more accurate rental estimate. Restrictions and fees may apply for underage driver’s.

Do you have an Avis Wizard Number?

Select the Avis Wizard Number option to enter both your Avis Wizard Number and Last Name

Do you have a Discount Code?

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Your coupon number cannot be used for this reservation due to following reason:

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  • err.bcd.bcdFormat

Whats The Best Car Rental At Cabo Airport

Theres no official best car rental in Cabo San Lucas Airport.

Different people can have a totally different experience with the same company, but if you do have a preference, youll find all the major car rental companies there Enterprise, Hertz, National, Sixt, Alamo, Budget and Avis.

I Recommend, and USe, Discover cars

When I rent a car in Mexico, I always use Discover Cars. They work with local Mexican companies and large international companies, so you get the cheapest price, and you can read reviews from recent customers before booking.

The best part? You can add full coverage Mexican insurance for only about $10 USD per day.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Los Cabos Intl

How can I get a cheap rental car in Los Cabos Intl. last minute?

You can always find great last minute deals on car rentals in Los Cabos Intl.. Save big with Hot Rate – score exclusive, unbeatable deals from our car suppliers.

Which car rental companies are at the Los Cabos Intl. airport?

Los Cabos Intl. offers a variety of car rental companies. Add your favorite airport to your search to see all available car companies.

Why should I book a last minute car rental with Hotwire?

When you need a last minute car rental deal, Hotwire’s daily Hot Rate deals allows you to easily compare exclusive discounts from a wide range of the most popular car rental companies.

What if I have to cancel my trip to Los Cabos Intl.?

The fastest path to canceling your booking is through one of our self-serve tools found at

Are There Two Airports In Cabo

Car Rental Cabo San Lucas from $22


Yes The main airport in Cabo goes by two names, Los Cabos International Airport and San Jose del Cabo International Airport. Make sure to look for airport code SJD when booking your flight.

The SJD Cabo Airport address is Carretera Transpeninsular Km 43.5, 23420 San José del Cabo .

There is also a small airport in Cabo San Lucas called Cabo San Lucas International Airport .

The Cabo airstrip is used mostly for private planes, not commercial Cabo flights, so youd never see CSL on any commercial airline sites.

Renting A Car in Cabo Mexico

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Can I Rent A Car In Cabo Mexico

Wondering, What do I need to rent a car in Mexico? As far as whats required to rent a car in Cabo San Lucas, or anywhere in Mexico, there are only four things you need in order to get your Mexico rental car.

1. A Valid Drivers License

If you have a valid drivers license in the Roman alphabet language , you can rent a car in Cabo with your countrys license.

Drivers from countries like Japan and China that use the character alphabet need to get an International Driving Permit, or IDP. Need an IDP?Apply here.

2. with most companies, You must be 25 years old

As with the U.S., anyone aged 25 and older can rent a car in Cabo San Lucas from any car company without restrictions.

Some companies rent to drivers aged 21-24, though they often have a $10-30 USD per day surcharge for underage drivers.

There is a small minority of Mexico car rental companies in Cabo that rent to drivers aged 18-20.

For 18- to 24-year-olds renting a car in Cabo, double check each companys policy before booking to see which one offers the best options for underage renters.

3. A Valid Credit Card or Debit Card

When renting a car in Cabo, they will swipe your credit or debit card to have on file in the event of damage to the car.

Different companies hold a different amount of money, but its usually about $1,500 USD. When you return the car undamaged, youll get that money back.

Car Rental Cabo San Lucas Tips: Use Your Credit Card for this

4. Mexico Car Insurance is mandatory

Driving With A Rental Car In Cabo San Lucas

Learn everything there is to know about renting a car in Cabo San Lucas so you can be properly prepared for your next trip

Is there a fee to cancel my Cabo San Lucas, Mexico car rental?

In most cases, there is no fee when you cancel your Cabo San Lucas car rental. You can check to see whether or not your preferred car rental company in Cabo San Lucas offers free cancellation when booking with momondo.

What is the best type of car to rent in Cabo San Lucas during October?

During the month of October in Cabo San Lucas, temperatures hover around 23 °C – which is perfect for renting a Convertible. With precipitation only averaging 4 mm during October in Cabo San Lucas, a Convertible will allow you to truly enjoy the sites while cruising down the streets. Keep in mind that you may want to check the weather before your trip, just in case. Renting a Convertible in Cabo San Lucas will cost you C$ 54/day on average.

Which rental car company in Cabo San Lucas has the most locations?

The city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has 1 location owned by Europcar, with an average daily rate of C$ 40.

What is the speed limit in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico?

If you are renting a vehicle in Cabo San Lucas, then be aware that the current speed limit within city or town limits is 70 km/h, unless otherwise posted. Suburban speed limits around Cabo San Lucas will generally have a speed limit of 120 km/h. If you are travelling on a highway in Cabo San Lucas, then the speed limit is 120 km/h.

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Important Information About Cabo San Lucas Car Rentals

There is so much to see and experience in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It is known for its nightlife, beaches, and water sports. However, touring and experiencing all these places is dependent on having a comfortable and reliable source of transport. There are several Caba San Lucas car rentals available offering cheap car rentals in Cabo San Lucas for everyone in need. They stock a range of cars from small cars, medium cars, SUVs, vans, and luxury cars. Expect to part with a small amount per day for an economy vehicle from car rentals in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. There are numerous parking lots in Cabo San Lucas that charge either on an hourly or daily basis. They include Plaza Alamar Parking and Puerto Paraiso parking structure. There are also many different car rental locations in Cabo San Lucas. The car rentals in Cabo San Lucas offer a wide variety of vehicles, therefore, you will be spoilt for choice when you start searching for a car to rent.

Is it worthwhile to rent a car while visiting?

What different driving laws should I keep in mind while driving in Cabo San Lucas?

Will I need a special drivers license or permit to drive a rental car in Cabo San Lucas if Im visiting from another country?

Find The Best Rental Car Deals In Cabo San Lucas

Best Place in Cabo San Lucas Mexico to Rent a car!!

Renting a car in Cabo San Lucas is a must if you want to fully explore in and around the city. Theres a lot of things to do and places to see in Cabo San Lucas. Renting a car gives you the flexibility to drive to a nearby city or attraction outside of Cabo San Lucas.

With Tripadvisor, you can rent all types of vehicles in Cabo San Lucas. We offer economical standard cars, sporty convertibles, family-friendly minivans, and comfortable SUVs. By leveraging the worlds largest rental car booking service and searching all major rental brands, we help you find the lowest rental car prices available. We offer comprehensive coverage of over 60,000 locations worldwide.

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Mexican Car Insurance Through A Credit Card

Some U.S. credit cards provide Collision Damage Waiver for their card holders.

This is not the equivalent of Personal Liability Insurance, which youre required to have by law. Now, some car companies will let you take a rental car with just CDW insurance some wont.

This is just one more reason I always opt for full coverage insurance when I rent with Discover Cars. Their Personal Liability Insurance means I am fully covered in Mexico for any damages to the car and I wont pay out of pocket.

The last time I rented a car, which was in Mexico City , I paid just $10 USD per day for full coverage.

Though insurance coverage with Discover Cars is third party liability insurance , it is 100% legal. It is also enough to satisfy the Mexico Personal Liability Insurance requirement.

Mexico travel insurance with a car insurance add on

Another option is to purchase a travel insurance policy for Mexico, and get an upgrade to include your Cabo rental car.

For this, purchase the Explorer Plan with World Nomads, one of the best Mexican travel insurance providers and top names in travel insurance. Click here to get your FREE quote.

Yes Mexico Cops Do Take Bribes

If the cops pull you over and they usually only will if you give them a reason to they may expect a cash payment in exchange for not ticketing you.

The best ways to insure this doesnt happen to you is to 1) not speed, 2) not be on your phone, and 3) not break any other Mexico driving laws.

Note: Im not in any way defending this practice, but I am saying the easiest way to make the problem go away is by paying them

The worst thing you can do is argue because they can take you to jail and is that where you want to spend your Cabo vacation?

Article 152 & Tarjeton Turistico

About 10 years ago, the Mexican government implemented Article 152, though efforts fell flat.

The Tarjetón Turístico tourist card was intended to end police bribes on tourists, so its sad the program failed, but if you see anything about Mexico Article 152 online, its no longer operational.

Renting A Car in Cabo Mexico

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