Car Dealerships Closed On Sunday

Why Are Car Dealerships Closed On Sunday In New Jersey

Why Are All Wisconsin Car Dealers Closed Sundays?

the car dealership is closed on sundays as a result of new jersey’s blue law, which forbids the sale of certain types of goods on sundays.

this type of response could be used as a reply to someone who made an inquiry about why stores that carry cars are closed on sunday. it helps to explain the cause and insert that it was not just by choice but rather out of necessity, and also mention any repercussions for this business decision. the tone should be neutral and informative and the language should understandable for people outside the region.

Blue Laws Are Imposed In Different States

Legislators enacted blue laws in the 18th century to keep shops closed on Sundays.

With that, the origins of blue laws can be traced back to the Bible, which declares Sunday to be a day of worship and relaxation.

As a result, almost all establishments were required to close on Sunday when the blue laws were enacted.

Eventually, blue laws were overturned since the divergence of state and church however other companies remain closed or only operate for limited hours on Sunday.

But, regardless, many dealerships are closed on Sundays.

Why Some Dealerships Are Closed On Sunday

  • For one thing, they may all be closed in your state 13 states prohibit dealerships from opening on Sundays. The ban goes back to blue laws that banned the sale of certain items on Sundays so residents could worship or rest. Another seven states limit dealerships Sunday operation to a few counties or limited hours of business.
  • Management wants to attract quality employees and may have trouble doing so if Sunday work is required.
  • Most entities in the supply chain of retail car sales are closed on Sundays, including insurance companies and the state, county, or local offices involved in vehicle registration, title transfers, etc.

It is still possible, though, to finance a new vehicle on a Sunday. Its rare for a car loan not to be approved on a Sunday, because most lenders have fully automated approval systems. The time it takes for a credit approval decision can range from minutes to hours to a day, depending on a lenders process and the buyers credit situation.

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Other Reasons Dealerships Close On Sunday

Are All Car Dealers Closed On Sunday?

But what if you live in a state that doesnât prohibit buying cars on Sunday? Thereâs a chance that youâll still have to wait until Monday. Many dealerships voluntarily close on Sundays to give their staff a day off and to simplify payroll.

Some dealerships cite other benefits, such as increases in efficiency and higher customer and employee satisfaction. After all, turnover sucks, and most people canât handle a 7-day workweek.

Online shopping for cars also reduces the need for full-scale Sunday operations. Sometimes, dealerships retain a skeleton crew or stay open for appointments only, so customers who already purchased a car can pick it up.

Service stations often remain open on Sunday as well, due to the essential nature of mechanics.

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Why Are There So Much Issues On Blue Law

While some states sees the government regulation unneeded., a few other states have been supporting the Blue Law. Few years back, Illinois, Texas and New Jersey claimed and raised questions against the removal of the ban as financial institutions do not work then.

Also, States where the ban is lifted have argued that they will be forced to continue working on Sundays to be at par with the competitors.

On the other hand, a number of dealerships see the ban as an interference of the government in their businesses.

So, some dealerships argue that their potential sales do not get affected with the ban whereas the others argue that their sales get affected since Sundays are holidays and thats when a number of customers can shop for new cars and that they may lose buyers to neighboring states that allow Sunday car sales.

Are All Dealerships Closed On Sundays

No, not all dealerships are closed on sundays but it depends on the law and regulation of that particular state if dealers are allowed to open on sundays or not. And most dealerships prefer closing on sundays as they want to give a day off to their staff members so most of the dealerships are closed and most of the dealerships work according to the law.

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I’d Like To Respond To A Letter In Last Week’s Wheels Where A Reader Wanted To Know Why New

Article was updated13 years ago

I’d like to respond to a letter in last week’s Wheels, where a reader wanted to know why new-car dealers are closed on Sundays.

In the GTA, new-car dealerships are open from Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays. Sunday closings have been a dealership tradition in Toronto for decades.

Prior to the 1990s, the Retail Business Holiday Act required dealerships and other retail stores to close on Sundays.

The former Ontario government under Bob Rae allowed municipalities the option of opening retail stores on Sundays and public holidays, provided that public hearings took place, and that laws were passed identifying the retail stores that could open.

The Toronto Automobile Dealers’ Association has a policy that recommends that new-car dealers remain closed on Sundays.

Dealers favour Sunday closings for several reasons. It means reduced overhead costs for dealerships , which means that they can invest those resources in other areas.

It’s easier to recruit and maintain staff with the promise of another day off a week. Having Sundays off is an advantage for dealership staff, who often work long hours from Monday to Saturday.

Currently, many Toronto car dealers offer flexible hours of operation, from Monday to Saturday. Some dealers close their parts and service departments on Saturdays, while others keep these departments open late on specific week nights to accommodate customers.

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Why Are All Wisconsin Car Dealers Closed Sundays


Every car and motorcycle dealership in Wisconsin is closed on Sundays. In fact, its against the law to sell a car or motorcycle that day of the week.

WISC-TV looked into the reason why.

The Rev. Jerry Olson from Christ Lutheran Church in DeForest explained how blue laws play a role. Blue laws are decades-old state statutes that restrict business activities on Sundays to preserve the religious nature of the day.

The laws can vary across the nation Wisconsins law says a dealers license could be at stake if they keep their place of business open on Sunday for the purpose of buying, leasing or selling a motor vehicle.

Back in the day, blue laws forced a majority of businesses to close on Sundays. Most of them except the car sales law have since been repealed.

AJ Stark from Stark Automotive in Sun Prairie said that regardless of being closed, Sunday is their busiest day.

A lot of people, they want to go out and look and they dont want to be bothered, Stark said.

Its also a day dealers dont have to worry about competition because of the law. So Stark said hes happy hes able to give a break to his hardworking employees.

Overall, I think its a good thing, Stark said.

Olson said God probably wouldnt mind.

I took a poll of the church basement ladies and they said and I think I agree with them God probably doesnt care what you sell on Sunday, Olson said. But he does care that you keep Sabbath.

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What States Allow Car Dealerships To Open On Sundays

There are different rules for different states such as:

  • In Utah and Texas, car dealers must be closed on either Saturday or Sunday, but do not have to close for both days.
  • North Dakota allows car dealers to be open on Sundays, but no car sales are allowed.
  • Other states place restrictions on the times that car dealers can be open on Sundays.

Why Cant You Buy A Car On Sunday

In short, there are two reasons why you canât buy cars on Sunday in 18 states. States with religious âblue lawsâ prohibit car dealerships and other businesses from operating on Sunday. These church-influenced laws are often more than a century old. Additionally, states close dealerships to prevent unfair Sunday competition from overworking employees.

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Car Dealerships Open On Sundays In Mississauga

Ask anyone who moved to Ontario from another part of Canada and theyll tell you: Ontario is weird about Sundays. Banks close, malls close, and even grocery stores close. The downtown cores empty out. Traffic is light everywhere but the roads out of town.

Because of this, it can be hard to find a used car dealership on a Sunday in Mississauga. The massive district of car lots around where Dundas Street meets Erin Mills entirely shuts down. Because the big anchor lots close Sundays, the smaller ones do as well. For five blocks, the whole area is a ghost town.

So, in order to buy in Mississauga on a Sunday, you have to leave the district and go farther afield. There arent any specialty, classic, or antique dealerships open on Sundays, but there are some perfectly reasonable places to get a good family car.

Why Car Dealerships Close On Sunday

Are There Any Car Dealerships Open On Sunday

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When I sold cars at a Toyota dealership, we got to choose our days off. The store closed on Sunday, and all the salesmen fought over whoâd get Saturday or Monday.

Every dealership in town closed on Sundayâwhich was nice because we didnât have to worry about GM stealing one of our Tundra customers for a Silverado.

I remember chatting with a co-worker about an out-of-state customer making the trip for a car. It seemed like a sure thing, but there was a problem: The customer wanted to come in on Sunday.

Why not? It seems strange that dealerships canât do business on Sundays. Hell, it might even cost us a sale. Walmart is open on Sunday, and so is the hardware store. So why canât dealerships sell cars on Sunday?

I did some research and found the answer. Hereâs why you canât buy cars on Sunday.

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Not All States Allow Sunday Car Sales

Some car dealerships are open on Sundays, but not all. In fact, some dealers can’t operate on Sundays, depending on state laws. Many shoppers often find themselves out of luck when they’re shopping for a car on a Sunday even if the state doesn’t prohibit sales.

In some cases, you may find an open dealership, but actually completing a car sale on a Sunday can be quite tricky for a number of reasons. In states where dealers are allowed to operate seven days a week, it may not benefit a dealer to stay open when they can’t finance a vehicle or complete a sale, since institutions like banks and financers aren’t open on Sundays, either.

The Fact Behind Blue Laws

The original intent behind Blue Laws was to protect the rights of religious minorities. However, in modern times they have become a burden on both businesses and consumers alike due to their prohibition against Sunday shopping which disproportionately affects low-income communities with limited availability of other options for employment.

Many people are still unhappy about this despite being aware that these laws no longer apply solely to revoke them completely so long as there is no specific mention during prayer or worship services.

  • States that ban car dealerships on Sundays

If you are finding out why arent car dealerships open on Sundays, you must have known about the states that currently ban car dealerships on Sundays. There are currently 13 states that have put a ban on car dealerships on Sunday. One of these is Indiana, where its illegal for any business to sell their product or service on Sunday unless theyre specifically exempt the remaining twelve restrict sales only in some counties within those respective state boundaries .

These include: Colorado , Illinois Louisiana restricts only truck yards while Maine prohibits both new and used car lots upon passage back July 1st, 2017following more than 20 years without legislation preventing Sundays R& D.

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Are Dealerships Open On Sundays In Nj

A common question we receive here at DCH Paramus Honda is customers asking if car dealerships are open on Sundays in New Jersey . The answer is no. New Jersey is one of 18 states that restrict or ban car sales on Sundays.

What’s the reason New Jersey car dealerships are closed on Sundays?

The ban on car sales on Sundays can be traced back to colonial laws, often called “Blue Laws”, which were originally intended to enforce religious standards and restricted certain activities during times where people were expected to attend church services. There have been several attempts by local lawmakers to overturn this ban, all of which faced opposition from New Jersey Car Dealerships.

Why are Car Dealers in NJ opposed to being open on Sundays?

There are two main reasons why the majority of dealers are opposed to being open on Sundays. The first reason we commonly hear is that being in the retail business typically means that the employees work extensive hours and they appreciate having at least one guaranteed day to spend with their family. Yes, most employees may have a day off during the week but still find that day difficult to spend with family as spouses are usually at work themselves and children at school.

What do customers shopping for a vehicle do on Sundays?

Article by Jason Cohen, Business Development and Customer Relations Director 6/15/2016

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The Reason Texas Car Dealerships Are Closed On Sundays

The Texas blue law, enacted in 1961 and repealed in 1985, prohibited the sale of 42 specific items on consecutive weekend days, including cars and liquor, knives, pots, pans and even washing machines.

In 1985, the Texas blue law was struck down, and shop owners made the Sunday event into a spectacle to draw in customers. Bands played and crowds formed outside department stores across Dallas, according to a report from The News’ archives.

Car dealerships can be open only one day of a weekend, but there arent any other regulations on what you can and cant buy in stores on Sundays.

Sunday Sales Ban Reception

Are There Any Car Dealerships Open On Sunday

With one less day to sell cars, you would think that dealerships under this jurisdiction would be against the legislation. However, the opposite is often true. Many dealerships actually champion the protection and enforcement of this particular piece of legislature.

Dealership owners and car salespeople have pushed back on lifting the ban on Sunday sales, citing the logistical complications that repealing the ban would cause. Their inability to negotiate with financial institutions on Sundays would make their car sales process more complex.

Furthermore, that extra day of work meant there was no objective rest day for the staff, which would likely lead to increased turnover rates.

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