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Save When You Bundle Home and Auto Insurance | Nationwide

Comparing rates from multiple companies will help you ensure youre getting the best coverage at the lowest price. But remember that the cost of your home and auto insurance bundle isn’t the only thing to consider.

Youll also want to compare customer satisfaction and financial stability ratings along with the price to make sure you’re not sacrificing quality just to save a few bucks.

You can use our Policygenius bundling ratings to help you compare your options. They take into account each companys financial strength and stability, customer satisfaction scores, bundling rates and discounts available, and coverage options to give you a holistic view of each companys strengths and weaknesses.

Make sure the insurer doesn’t farm out policies to third parties

Some companies might offer the option to bundle your home and auto insurance, but then they’ll turn around and farm out one of the policies to another company that will handle payments and claims. While you might still save money, it takes the convenience out of bundling policies with the same company. And you probably won’t be able to pay just one deductible in the event your car and home are damaged in the same event.

How Do I Choose The Right Insurance Brokerage

An insurance broker has special training and industry insights to help you find the right insurance. Some shoppers are keen to cut out the middle man, but policies are actually cheaper, on average, through a broker compared to direct-sales pricing. While many companies are investing in AI programs to draft quick quotes and then hire brokers to clean up mistakes, Zavano works differently. Make sure to choose an independent broker who can help you compare quotes and shop policies from different companies. Plus, its important to find a team that truly listens to your needs in order to deliver a unique solution.

Ready To Bundle Your Home And Auto Insurance

For many people, bundling insurance policies can be an easy way to save money on a pair of unavoidable bills.

If you’d like to see how much money you could save by bundling your home and auto insurance, compare rates with a variety of insurersand, once you’ve chosen, check your rates once a year to ensure you’re still getting the best price.

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What’s An Insurance Bundle

An insurance bundle is when you have more than one type of policy with the same insurance company creating a bundle of policies. Some insurers offer a discount for having more than one type of policy with them.

When you insure both your car and your home with Liberty Mutual, you’ll qualify for additional savings. Total savings will depend on a variety of factors such as where you live, how often you drive, and your driving record.

Why Do Providers Offer Home And Auto Insurance Bundles

Home and Auto Insurance Bundle Best Choice Insurance Agency

If youre considering a home and car insurance bundle, you may wonder why insurance companies offer this option to begin with. While bundling your insurance saves you money, it also saves insurance companies money.

In fact, insurance companies spend less money when selling multiple policies to current customers than when they target potential new clients. Also, many people who bundle their insurance policies stay with one insurance company for longer. This helps insurance companies maintain customers.

Mostly, though, insurance providers save money on underwriting when you bundle. Essentially, car and home insurance companies research each new client to determine how much risk the customer presents. This process, called underwriting, includes looking into a customers credit history, driving record, employment history, and other factors. Since insurance companies complete underwriting for each new customer, they save money when they only have to complete this process once for multiple policies.

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Who Offers The Best Home And Auto Insurance Bundles

It depends on your definition of best. Balancing affordability for a bundle of home and auto insurance and customer satisfaction ratings for both policies individually, MoneyGeek found that State Farm offers the best home and auto insurance. If you’re part of a military family, USAA is an excellent choice too.

Additional Ways To Save For Policyholders

Multi-Vehicle Insurance Policy Discount:You could be eligible for a Multi-Policy discount if you have other insurance policies with GEICO. We could help you save money on your car insurance with several multi-vehicle combinations:

  • Car + Motorcycle
  • Car + Mobile Home

Other Available Auto Insurance Discounts:

You can learn more about other available insurance discounts you may be eligible for when you have a GEICO auto insurance policy.

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Should I Bundle Home And Auto Insurance

In many cases, bundling home and car insurance will help you save money. Bundling insurance has other benefits besides potentially offering the cheapest home and auto insurance:

  • You deal with only one insurance company.
  • You may be able to manage your policies online at the same place or through the same agent.
  • Its easier to identify coverage gaps.
  • Depending on the company, you may be able to align the renewal periods and effective dates of both policies or combine your billing statements.

There may be other perks as well when you bundle auto and home insurance, depending on the company and state you live in. For example, Safeco offers customers who bundle a single-loss deductible. That means, if your car is damaged in the same event that damages your home, such as a fire, your car insurance deductible is waived after your homeowners deductible has been paid.

How To Find The Best Home And Auto Bundle

Bundled Home and Auto Insurance Benefits

To find the best home and auto insurance bundle, you need to look at companies that offer both types of insurance, of course. Some companies, like Metromile and Root, only offer car insurance, so you cant bundle home insurance coverage.

Next, look for providers that offer discounts for bundling. Not all companies do, but youll usually be able to find out on a providers website if it offers a bundling discount.

Finally, consider which companies offer the best discounts for bundling policies. You could save up to 10% with one company or up to 20% with another. Some providers dont list the exact discount amount, though. In any case, get three to five home and car insurance quotes from companies that offer bundling discounts to find the best option.

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The Companies With The Best Home And Auto Bundles

MoneyGeek scored insurance companies based on combined measures of affordability and service for both products and found that State Farm offers the best home and auto insurance bundle.

  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100
  • Allstate: MoneyGeek score of 86 out of 100

If you are in the military or have a military background, USAA is an excellent option, receiving a perfect score due to its cheap rates and unparalleled service reputation.

The Best Home and Auto Bundles

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Premium Creeps Over Time

When customers bundle car and home insurance, they typically remain loyal for longer durations of time. Many customers who bundle renew without even price comparing first. Insurance companies know this, and may sometimes increase premiums over time because they feel confident that they can keep your business.

If you decide to bundle your home and auto insurance, collect quotes any time your rate increases due to pricing optimization.

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How To Get The Best Home And Car Insurance Bundle

If youre shopping for a home and auto bundle, you might want to consider taking the following steps to help you find the right option for your situation:

  • Shopping around: Even if one carrier offers a higher discount for bundling, rates could be lower with another carrier. Shopping around can help you see your options so you know which best fits your needs.
  • Comparing coverage options: When making a home and auto insurance bundle comparison, you might want to look at more than just discounts. You may also want to consider the coverage each carrier offers, other discounts, and third-party scores. This helps you get a more well-rounded view of a company.
  • Comparing prices: After you have shortlisted a few companies and ensured that the coverage on each quote is similar as possible, check out the rates. If a company is offering you all the coverage you need at a lower rate than a competitor, it could be a better choice.
  • Keeping your provider updated: Whether you add a new feature to your vehicle or upgrade your house, its a good idea to keep your insurance company informed. You may need to adjust your coverage or shop around for a carrier that better fits your changing needs.

How Do I Obtain Home And Auto Insurance

Should I Bundle My Home and Auto Insurance?

Bundling your car and home insurance is actually a relatively simple process. Once you compare quotes from multiple insurance companies, you will contact the company to start the application process. The agent will typically ask you if youd like to bundle home and auto insurance. If they dont, mention this early in the process.

If youre switching insurance companies, be sure to research your states car insurance laws and ask your new insurance company when you should cancel old policies. As we mentioned, you should find out if you will end up paying any cancellation or transfer fees if you are ending your previous insurance policy early.

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What Are The Benefits Of Bundling Your Insurance

Some of the benefits of bundling with belairdirect include:

Single deductibleYoull only pay a single deductible if you ever make a claim that involves your home and vehicle at the same time.

DiscountsYour insurance agent will be able to offer you discounts for having all your business with one provider. Switch to belairdirect today and you could save up to 15%5%10% on your home insurance and up to 15% on your car insurance premiums by combining your home and auto coverages under one roof!Your insurance agent will be able to offer you discounts for having all your business with one provider. Switch to belairdirect today and you could save up to 15% on your car insurance and up to 25% on your home insurance by combining your home and auto coverages under one roof!

Bundling other insuranceThe insurance bundle can consist of a home registered to one spouse and a vehicle that belongs to the other.

Save timeYoull save time if ever you need to file a claim, as youll only have to deal with one trusted insurance company.

Last But Not Least Its Time To Cancel Your Old Policies

Once youve purchased your new policies and have a set date for when it will go into effect, its time to cancel your old insurance policies. Our Policygenius agents will walk you through this entire process and fill out all of the paperwork for you.

It’s normally as simple as notifying your insurance company in writing that you’d like to cancel your policy and signing a cancellation letter. You might even get a refund for a portion of your premiums if you paid up front for the year.

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What Does It Mean To Bundle Your Home And Auto Insurance

Bundling home and auto insurance is the practice of buying these two insurance policies from the same company. Many companies offer a discount when you buy multiple policies and the paperwork can sometimes be easier this way. People often ask, Should I bundle my home and auto insurance? Theres no one-size-fits-all answer, so lets explore this more.

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Best Home And Auto Insurance Bundle Comparison

One of the easiest ways to save BIG on your insurance costs is by combining your home and auto policies with one company through an insurance bundle. Most insurers offer multi-policy discounts of anywhere from 5% to 30% off your premiums when you bundle your home and car insurance together.

Ourwinner for the best home and auto insurance bundle is Auto-Owners thanks to its competitive rates, variety of car and home insurance coverages available, and excellent customer satisfaction and financial stability ratings. Our next top picks for the best insurance bundles of 2022 are USAA, State Farm, Erie, and Farmers.

Insurance company

Get quotes

At Policygenius, our educational guides are written and fact-checked by licensed home insurance experts and reviewed by our Financial Review Council to ensure autonomy, expertise, and accuracy.

To find the best insurance companies for bundling home and auto insurance, we researched, analyzed, and rated companies across different ratings and metrics, including average annual bundling premiums, AM Best ratings, J.D. Power customer satisfaction and claims ratings, NAIC customer complaint numbers, and more.

We rated 10 companies in the following areas, weighted differently based on order of importance to customers in 2022.

Options For Bundling Insurance At Progressive

Auto and home insurance

Your car and residence are typically your most valuable assets. Protect them both with Progressive, and get a multi-policy discount on your auto policy when you pair it with our homeowners insurance or condo insurance.

Auto and renters insurance

Bundling your car insurance with renters insurance is a great way to lower your already inexpensive renters insurance cost, as you’ll also earn a multi-policy discount on your auto policy with us.

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Compare Car Insurance Quotes

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Bundling Car And Home Insurance: Pros And Cons

Home Auto Insurance Bundle / Travelers Insurance Smart Home Bundle ...

Luis Alvarez / Getty Images

If you are in the market for both car and home insurance, bundling might sound like a great deal. You only have to work with one insurance company, which is easier. You also get cost savings from the bundling discount.

But bundling isn’t always the right choice. While most companies offer discounts for bundling, there are many other factors to think about. Just the cost savings might not be the best reason to switch your car and home insurance or choose a new provider.

Before you switch, you need to find out whether you really will save money. You also need to note any deviations from your current coverage. Once you know what the savings and plans will be, you can shop around for the best coverage and price.

Once you have plans from different companies to look at, you can work with the providers to ensure that your coverage meets your needs.

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Answer A Few Questions About Your Home And Auto Coverage To Get Bundling Quotes Through Policygenius

Just answer a few questions about your home and vehicles you want to insure, and one of our licensed insurance agents will pull home and auto insurance bundle quotes from top companies for you to consider.

They’ll also help you figure out if you need more or less coverage than you had with your last policies, and give you advice about any additional coverage you might want to consider. All for free, with no impact to your credit score.

What Types Of Insurance Policies Can I Bundle

When it comes to insurance bundling, the most common policies that get bundled together are home and auto insurance policies.

However, these are hardly the be-all end-all of insurance bundles. You can add recreational vehicles such as a snowmobile or an ATV with belairdirect to save even more. Insurance bundles also extend to tenants too. You can bundle your tenants insurance or renters insurance with your car insurance and save money. With bundling, the rule of thumb is “the more, the merrier” and trusting us with your insurance coverage will allow us to help you to save more.

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