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Check Back A Week Before Your Trip To See If Prices Have Dropped


Since youre not locked into your reservation with a credit card, you have one more trick up your sleeve, and its one of Clarks favorite travel tips.

When I book my flight weeks or months before the actual date of travel, I also book my car rental at the same time, he says. Then a week before my travel date, I re-shop the car rental rate. At least 90% of the time, I find that I can book a new car cheaper at the last minute, so I just let my old reservation go.

As Clark says, this method isnt foolproof but theres no harm in repeating steps 1-4 above a week before your trip. At best, you save yourself even more money. At worst, you know for sure that youre getting the absolute best price on your rental car.

How To Buy A Car Now And Get A Good Deal

Flexibility is critical if youre hoping to get anything approaching a decent deal today. That starts with the vehicle youre hoping to buy. Trucks and SUVs are in high demand, as usual, and its even less likely those vehicle types will be discounted. For example, according to Consumer Reports, the mid-size SUV Kia Telluride and Chevrolet Silverado 2500 pickup truck have been selling recently for 17% or 18% over MSRP, on average.

Sedans and select other vehicles that arent in high demand are where some relatively good deals can still be found. Each automaker and dealerships roster of cars that can be purchased at a discount will differ, but Edmunds says models like the Jeep Renegade, Chrysler 300 and Nissan Maxima have been available for 7% to 17% below MSRP lately.

Here are some more tips to help you buy a car nowadays:

Bring your trade-in. The upside of spiking used car prices is that your trade-in is worth a lot more now. The average trade-in value was over $21,000 in July 2021, compared to around $13,000 in the same month in 2019 and 2020. Some dealerships dont want to even sell you a car today if you dont have a trade-in, says Drury.

Then again, if you dont really need some new wheels, its best to hold off until the supply rebounds and the market is less overheated. My advice is to wait until next year, if you can, says Drury. Or maybe even longer.

COVID-19 Response FAQs

Complete Clean Pledge

Planning a Road Trip During COVID-19

Ask About Current Promotions

Businesses frequently run promotions as a marketing tool to get new customers and beat the competition. If you have already gotten to the end of the purchasing process, a car company may not make you aware of any promotions.

. Some promotions might even help you avoid hidden and unclear fees. For instance, you may be able to get a free child booster seat if the right promotion is active.

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Dollar Car Rentals In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

On our website, you get access to the best Dollar car rental deals Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, divided into different classes and categories. Whether it’s a big family journey, a romantic getaway, or a business trip, be sure that you will find a car that suits your needs and budget.

We have a wide range of options for car rental Dollar Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, including economy, compact, mid-size, SUV, full-size, luxury, premium, exotic vehicles, as well as passenger vans and minivans. By using filters, you can sort the cars of a specific group, which will allow you to quickly select exactly what you need.

If you havent found the desired Dollar rental car Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, look in nearby downtown cityd locations or airports. This will give you even more flexibility when choosing a vehicle for your trip.

Dollar Car Rental Places Near Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

How to Get Cheap Rental Car Deals  sarah

The airport zone is the most popular Dollar location in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. The rental car desk is usually located right at the airport, but sometimes you might need to get by yourself or to use a free shuttle bus to get to the rental desk. Check the pickup type carefully when doing your rental.

If youre not traveling by air, Dollar has 5 convenient rental offices not far from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Just check the list of available spots below or use our map.

Nearby car rental locations at airports

  • 34.8 km / 21.62 mi

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What Credit Cards Does Dollar Car Rental Accept In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

When you rent a car from Dollar Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, make sure you have a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express credit card. Please note that prepaid cards are not accepted in any way, as well as cash and gift cards.

If you have any doubts about your credit card, check it with your bank. In order to pick up Dollar car rental Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, you must have an amount on your credit card to hold the deposit and pay the full cost of the rental.

Who Can Drive A Rental Car From Dollar In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

Everyone who has reached the age of 25 and meets the drivers license requirements has the opportunity to drive Dollar car rental Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

Drivers aged 21-24 are also allowed, but are subject to the young driver’s fee. This fee is usually included in the rental and you will have to pay it at the Dollar Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada counter. The same policy applies to additional drivers who have similar age restrictions.

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Shop Multiple Locations For Affordable Car Rental

Often when you need to rent a car, you are traveling and tend to look for affordable car rentals at an airport. But the convenience of an airport is not always your best option when youre looking for cheap car rental deals. A simple search for car rentals in Chicago, for example, will show vast savings opportunities when renting a car in the city versus at the airport.

When looking at economy-sized cars and pricing out multiple car rental companies, you will often see that the best deals are at city locations. On average, you can save $25 or more per day by renting at a location other than the airport.

Be sure to create a plan when flying. Many major cities have free shuttles or cheap public transit from airports. You can also take a taxi, which may cost a bit upfront, but you will likely still save money despite the round-trip expense.

Book Way Way In Advance


It may sound obvious, but how soon you book can make the difference between scoring a great car rental rate or getting screwed by high prices.

This is especially true in places where its essential to have a car for travel and in popular search areas . Autoslash recommends consumers book at least six to eight weeks out. But honestly, the earlier the better, Weinberg says.

Whatever deal you think you might be getting, theres probably a cheaper one out there. First, know that the last place to book a rental is through an agency’s website. Discount travel sites like Priceline, Kayak, or Orbitz almost always have better dealsand they’ll still honor any frequent driver rewards programs that you have.

Then take a look at the pick-up location. The rate on your rental car will sometimes be higher at the airport than at an off-site location, because airports tack on extra fees and taxes. Sometimes the price difference is worth it, with savings of $20 or $30 per day. Other times, it might not be worth the extra hassle, especially if you have to pay for a cab or rideshare to get there.

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When Its Ok To Book Last Minute

If you know youll be renting during a less busy period or youre flexible with your dates, its acceptable to book closer to your rental date. If youre traveling alone, with your partner, or in a small group, and you dont have any special requirements, you can leave it a little late. Common car types are the most available so prices may not change that much. With that said, prices may rise during the final 48 hours so dont leave it until the literal last minute! One last thing to look out for when booking late is seasonal promotions that get emailed to mailing list subscribers.

Turn To Discount Brands

Enterprise, Hertz and Budget arent the only outfits in town. Discount brands like Advantage, Payless, Thrifty and Dollar Rental are also vying for your business, often at a lower rate than big-name rental companies.

On a given day, our research showed that the lowest-priced rental from Advantage, Dollar and the like was at least $5 cheaper than the cheapest premium brand rental, depending on the city. That savings multiplies over longer trips.

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How Old Do I Have To Be To Pick Up Dollar Rental Car In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

As stated by Dollar policy, the lowest age limit for car hire services in the USA and Canada is 20 years old. However, this doesnt apply to all locations within the states of Michigan and New York, where 18- and 19-year-old renters can also enjoy the service.

Each young driver who is under 25 years old is subject to an underage fee. This payment should be made in the companys office. If traveling on military or government orders, then you are authorized to rent a car starting from the age of 18 and avoid additional age surcharges at the same time.

How To Find A Cheap Rental Car

Find the best offers to rent a car in Dubai with us. Our hassle

It used to be that to get the best deal on a rental car, you had to call around to all the rental car companies to see which would offer the lowest price. Now, thanks to the internet, you can make sure youre spending as little as possible on your car rental in no time by following our simple formula.

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What Is The Most Popular Car Class From Dollar In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

A wide Dollar vehicle fleet means youll definitely reserve a car rental class you like the most.

Car type is considered to be a dominant criterion when choosing a vehicle for travel. Thats why the suppliers have a huge range of offers to suit any purposes. Dollar at Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada is ready to provide a Full Size, Standard, SUV, 7seatcarrier and Economy car. The most popular vehicle classes are:

  • Suv – Jeep Cherokee or similar from $92 per day

What Is The Cheapest Rental Car From Dollar In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

Whether your aim is a budget-friendly rental car, with Dollar you are guaranteed to receive the cheapest deals. The supplier is ready to meet the consumer by offering quality cars at the lowest price.

The most beneficial deal at Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada is the Chevrolet Spark or similar for $35 per day.

Remember that the total price for Dollar vehicles can be further reduced in the case of long-term rental.

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Look For Membership Discounts

A membership can come in a variety of forms. You may already have access to affordable car rental deals and not even know it.

Do you happen to be an AAA member? For only $52 a year you get access to a number of benefits, including saving money on car rentals through Hertz. Having a Costco membership is also an easy way to save on a rental.

Here is a quick breakdown to show you which car rental deals you can access with various memberships.

Discounts vary for each company. Up to 25% off, fee waivers, damage liability, and more. You can also call to request car rental coupons.

Compare Weekly Vs Weekday Vs Weekend Car Rental Rates

5 Tips to get the best deal on a rental car

Thereâs no rhyme or reason for the duration of time thatâs cheapest for car rentals. Sometimes itâs cheapest to rent for only the days you need the car, sometimes itâs cheaper to rent for a week even if you only need a car for a few days. In other words, be sure to check both before you bookâjust make sure the rental car company wonât charge a fee if you return the car early.

Also keep in mind that because business travelers frequently rent cars, and business trips are predominantly over weekdays, weekend rentals are often less expensive than weekday rentals. If the timing of your trip is flexible, shifting your schedule so youâre renting a car over a weekend might save you some money.

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Any Tips For Picking The Right Car

  • Think about where youre going. An SUV might be great for cruising down a Texas freeway, but a smaller car will be a lot easier for getting around Rome.
  • See what other people think. Youll find lots of reviews and ratings on our site, so check out what other customers liked about each company.
  • Dont forget the transmission. In some countries, almost everyone drives manual cars, while automatics are the norm in other ones. Make sure you rent a car you can drive!

That’s Why Talking To People Like Scott Keyes Founder Of Scott’s Cheap Flights Is More Important Than Ever He’s Made A Living Out Of Finding Money

For this article, Keyes is sharing some car rental tips, but typically, Scott’s Cheap Flights is all about helping people find cheap airfare they track price drops from your local airport so you can buy when rates are low.

Their services are totally free, or you can pay extra for their Premium or Elite memberships, which give you access to more deals and the coveted “mistake fares.”

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Important Note: Why Clarks Car Rental Rule Is More Important Now More Than Ever

Before we jump into the steps, here is Clarks rental car rule:

When I book my flight weeks or months before the actual date of travel, I also book my car rental at the same time, he says. Then a week before my travel date, I re-shop the car rental rate. At least 90% of the time, I find that I can book a new car cheaper at the last minute, so I just let my old reservation go.

Clark recently emphasized the importance of his car booking steps on his podcast:

The benefit right now of booking a car rental at the same time you book your travel and re-shop a week out is unbelievable. The rental car companies have been raking in huge money on rentals. There have been spot shortages, but by following this method, youll likely see significant savings.

My oldest brother and I did this: We booked a rental car the day we booked a trip. We both re-shopped the week before our trip. My rental fell by 70%, and his fell by 50%! What happens if you re-shop and the prices are the same or more? No problem because you have your original booking.

Should I Buy Extra Insurance Along With Dollar Car Rental In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

Grab best car rental deals!! RENT Nissan Micra and get 20% OFF on our ...

Each supplier wants to be financially secure. Therefore, car hire is available only with valid insurance. If you dont have it, then Dollar has a reason to refuse you.

There are several cases when you dont need an insurance protection plan:

  • you already have the initial coverage that applies to international pickups, and the type/class of car you select
  • your credit card manufacturer has an extra insurance option, which covers you and rental cars abroad.

If you dont fall under any of the items, then obtaining any type of protection is the only solution. You can buy Excess fee insurance at the stage of reservation on our website and secure your deposit. Or, you can buy Full coverage insurance or Excess reduction at the Dollar rental counter.

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Do I Need Insurance To Rent A Vehicle

Yes, you must be an insured driver in order to drive a rental car. If you have personal car insurance, you should check to see whether it covers rental vehicles . If you dont have personal insurance coverage, consider checking your credit card it may offer a rental car policy if you use it to pay for the rental.

As a U.S. citizen, you can purchase insurance with at checkout since its not included in the base rental car rate. When reserving a car rental in some international locations, such as Mexico, you must buy additional local insurance.

What Documents Do I Need For Dollar Car Rental In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

The list of documents you must provide at the Dollar car rental desk includes:

  • valid driver’s license with at least 1 year of experience with no major endorsements
  • printed booking confirmation voucher that you received in your email
  • additional document confirming your identity
  • any other document required by Dollar Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada and specified in your booking confirmation voucher.

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